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Lucy @ RLR. Released January 2009



Picture yourself in a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies


My intended destination was actually Club 8 but the right hand turn into Westall Rd from Centre Rd was looking real bad. Decided to make a quick U-turn and headed up Buckland Rd towards RLR. Buzzed the door and was greeted very quickly by a friendly mamasan who informed me there were 4 gals available. Am ushered to the waiting room as the Victoria's Secrets parade begins.


I can only recollect 3 of the girls names - Lucy, Gina and May -and even here I could be wrong. I had Lucy and Gina as contenders but was swayed by Lucy's looks, personality and the fact she had the best communication skills. I like a bit of a chat during a session so give it a high priority consideration.


Lucy comes to our shores from Thailand, would be about 5'6-7, mid 20's (geez I hate guessing ages), brown shoulder length hair, size 8ish (geez I hate guessing sizes too), B cup, no tatts, neatly trimmed and very cute.


After dispensing with financials (30m @ $110) we make our way to room. It's clean, has mirror and a good working shower. Not to mention a bed.


Session starts with me on my back and some nipple and body kissing. Lucy then ventures down to the centre of my earth for some OK CBJ. Asks me what I want next as I grab her ass and stroke and lick her pussy. She gets the message, pulls her hair up (now looking better than ever) and swings her leg over for some 69 action. (No extra charge for the DATY)


Follow her down to a bridge by a mountain where rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies


I am now well and truly primed. Lucy hops on for some nice little cowgirl action before finally finishing off in missionary. Balance of session is spent on massage which I enjoyed. Time is finally up (no short changing) as I hop into shower, dress and leave.


In summary, I liked both the place and Lucy. It was a good little shag.


Thanks for listening


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