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October 2010 - 39 Tope Street (Rachael) - Gorgeous Face and Body



After seeing Yoyo on Thursday (14/10), Rachael and Coffee remained cemented at the top of my “To Do” list. I also note there was a Mina and a Mango that had sunk down the list a ways. Also, unreviewed Lindsay did an intro today and she is another strong possibility.


This morning, as they say, I was home alone. Despite having a busy weekend planned I couldn’t get the recent punt with Yoyo out of mind combined with the positive reports of Rachael. I rationalised, as I’m sure we all do, that if I could get to see Rachael my mind will be free from the incessant thoughts of shagging beautiful young women that plagues my life, freeing me to attend to other necessary activities.


I rang the geezer and he said Rachael was in. Like a child the night before Christmas I couldn’t think straight about anything except what I wanted to do to Rachael and what I wanted her to do with me and in particular, my penis.


Arrived about 11:15 and the geezer said she would be about 30 minutes. There was another guy with me but we never got a chance to chat as he was quick to book Yoyo and was gone. I made a booking and went for a walk while I waited for Rachael. At 11:45 I returned and Rachael came out of her booking very shortly after. She ducked straight into the girls room so I didn’t really see her. The geezer asked how long I wanted to stay and I asked if I could see her before deciding. She popped out of the girls room for approximately 0.075 milliseconds but it was enough to make me choose one hour instead of the more typical 30 minutes.


The other young guy took me to the room, same MO as Thursday. Stripped off and into the shower then that cute little knock at the door. I’d just about done in the shower so I jumped out and started drying as Rachael jumped in. Can’t say enough about how pretty her face is; very full red lips, long, straight brown hair, big eyes with coloured glitter on the eye lids. This 22 year old Korean babe has a slim, trim, tanned body with large dark nipples and surrounds and perky B-cup enhanced breasts. A couple of tattoos but I think there were no piercings.


I jumped on the bed and watched as she dried herself, enjoying her figure and face. After playing around with her hair for a while she joined me on the bed. As Yoyo had done only two days before, Rachael started the cat licking. I decided as there was an hour available to just lay back and enjoy the sensation. After more rooting around with her hair she resumed the licking, all the way down to my feet then back to the groin. She began a ball licking which is something I always enjoy. I encouraged her to keep it going until she worked her way to the base of my cock. There was a transition period where she would move between my nuts and my cock. It wasn’t long before she moved onto a great blow job. It felt great but I think it fell short of the Yoyo blowjob two days earlier but maybe that’s because it was only two days earlier.


She continued the blow job for some time until she stopped and moved to lay on top of me. We then kissed but it wasn’t full on DFK however it was pleasant enough. I was hoping she’d open up a little more during the shagging. I then rolled her on to her back to give her a cat bath. A little more light kissing and the on to her breasts. Strangely her breasts appeared to be extremely sensitive, even painful. I sucked her nipples and licked around her breasts very lightly which she seemed to be able to tolerate but every time I forgot and my touch became a little firmer, she stopped me by moving her arms across her tits. It wasn’t the end of the world so I left her tits alone and moved on down. By the time I got to her pussy she jumped up and said “condom”.


She applied the condom and we screwed in mish. She seemed to enjoy this but TBH I couldn’t tell if the sounds and facial expressions were a good sign or if she was uncomfortable. She said she was OK so I assume that is just how Rachael responses to sex. It was no problem for me as long as it wasn’t painful for her. At this stage the kissing got a little more involved. She opened her mouth and she allowed my tongue in but stopped short of using her own tongue. Still, it was pleasant and she was tight as a drum. With her gorgeous face, tight pussy and reasonably good kisses, it didn’t take long to close out Round 1.


Round 2 began with some ball tickling and cock stroking. As she wasn’t getting too far she moved in again for a BJ which worked very well at getting me back up. She continued this until I was ready again and she popped on another condom and into CG. This had the advantage of a good view of her face and body but it was a shame I couldn’t hang onto her lovely looking breasts. After a while we finished off the second and final round. Well TBH I didn't finish but I had had enough. It was nice that she stayed on top and offered some more light kisses. There wasn’t much scope for discussion as her English is very limited so I jumped into the shower and with the some parting pleasantries, I left her to clean up.


In summary, it was a pleasant time (about 50 minutes). Her kissing was quite nice but I’d been spoiled by Yoyo and her BJ was typically very good. The two negatives were not being able to be free with her breasts and her clearly not wanting more than some cursory DATY. From other reviews I’d say my mileage has varied. I think given the other reviews from reliable members and given how gorgeous she is, I definitely give her another try.


Source: 39 Tope Street - October 2010 - Rachael


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