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Cleo @ Grosvenor. Released February 2009



I enter the Grosvenor. The bordello red colored walls are alluring and are drawing me further in as I make my way to reception. I am told there are 2 WLs that are available for my pleasure. First out is Cleo - gorgeous face and gorgeous accent. She's a contender. Next up is Gina. Very cute and on appearance is in the lead. But there is something about her in the intro that tells me to decline. And I do. I tell the receptionist I would like to spend time with Cleo.


Cleo, short for Cleopatra, is early to mid 30's, height 5'8, size 10-11, B Cup. A lovely face that grows on you the more you see her. Kind of reminds me of Jennifer Garner with a bob. She is of Russian lineage which adds to her charm and secret spy appeal. And the accent is so sexy.


We go to the little room just around the corner from the foyer. I've seen better and I've seen worse. Doesn't matter anyway as I am here for the girl. I handover Cleo's share of the payment and she tells me to pop in the shower and wait for her. I do so awaiting her return on the bed with towel draped around my waist.


My plan of attack was to have a quick massage first, sit on the bed edge and have her commence CBJ, progress to DATY and then deep missionary. Quite simple even though it didn't go down that way.


Cleo enters and we start talking on the bed. We're next to each when I invite her to come even closer. Mutual exploration and strokeplay begins. This leads to me heading south and partaking in a lengthy DATY session. Cleo exhibited a wonderful bouquet and was a joy to sample. Cleo then turned her attention to me for a CBJ session in preparation for the shag. She pops on the condom and hopped on top for some cowgirl. I was enjoying it so much I asked her to sprint me to the finish line. We duly saluted.


Finished off the session with a massage and more conversation. This girl is well travelled, educated and intelligent. Not a bad shag either.


Thanks for listening


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