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The Grosvenor - Eve - 22/04/08



Johhnythefox has read some great reviews of the lovely Eve who’s on a quick tour to the beautiful city of Melbourne, and quickly decides that a trip back to one of his old favourite haunts “The G” is in order.


Johnny’s one organized fox, and makes it to his 12.30pm booking with 2 mins to spare, having fist fighted his way from across town in record time. He’s brushed his teeth, had a close shave, trimmed his nails and is looking pretty tidy when he strolls into “The G” only to find that the lady of his desire is not into 3pm. Disappointment sets in, but Johnny quickly scrolls thru his mental diary for the rest of the week. The decision is made, return tonight for an EVEning punt after the work function is over.


On my return, I’m a few minutes early, and get to sit in the waiting room. Not having ventured into “The G” for many months now, the room brings back many fond memories of a special lady I visited here every week for months on end.


There’s something about this place, it’s a real brothel, if you know what I mean, with all the feelings and vibe - the burgundy coloured walls, carpet, the paintings, the leather lounge. I start to consider Eve, and how strange and exciting it is to book a lady, sight unseen. Based on reviews, however, I’m quietly confident that I won’t be disappointed.


Eve arrives, full of energy and falls into my arms in the lounge. Eve’s a gorgeous young blonde, with a great body and smile. She apologies for confusion of our booking from earlier today, and after a quick intro we make for the room. Eve knows I’m an FIA referral, and quickly determines that she’s in the company of the legend himself - Johnnythefox. Within the first few minutes of meeting Eve, I'm stoked, I can see this girl is going to be a real treat and an absolute pleasure to be with.


I quickly find that Eve has read most of Johnny’s reviews, and she recites most of his recent adventures. Talk about creating some performance anxiety for poor old Johnny, as most of the reviews have been for exceptional punting experiences, with some of the average ones not documented.


After a shower, Eve returns to the room, and climbs on me for some great kissing and foreplay. In between we find time for more chat and laughs. This girl is so easy to be with, she’s a real stunner, beautiful personality, full of laughter, great sense of humour and fun conversation.


After a great CBJ session, Eve straddles me for some intensive cowgirl action and we enjoy our intro session immensely. Poor old Johnny doesn’t quite perform as well at night, after coming early, he considers sticking to being a daytime punter, or perhaps the beer and glass of red wine earlier doesn’t quite help.


Anyway Eve and I spend some wonderful time getting further aquainted, we cuddle and massage and play around together. After giving Eve a gentle massage, I go down on the lovely lady, and taste her nectar. This lady loves good DATY, and squirms with enjoyment, pushing my face and nose further into her tenderness. The session concludes with the most wonderful 69’er and a quick session of spooning, ending with a cuddles and kisses.


Johnny had a wonderful time with Eve, (if it wasn’t so late last night, I would have extended the booking), she is one great lady, who will be booked every time she is in town. Again soon I hope!!!!





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