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AJL (retired) - 06/04/08



Hey Amber, super spunk, I really digged our session this morning. Our regular thirty minutes at Barabings is just never enough. You know, it’s always been a pleasure to find the occassional PM from you in my inbox, but it was a real buzz to find an invitation this week to make arrangements for a Private with you.




It’s a quick run into town this morning, traffics flowing and the Ipod’s pumping out some favourites. I’m so looking forward to spending a few hours with you, and my thoughts drift of to how things will go today. I’m a little nervous, but totally excited and wired, it feels a bit strange meeting for a morning romp, but what a great way to start the day.


Johnnythefox, is one lucky guy, and this week has been one to remember (check out this week’s reviews), but today’s the grand finale, the ultimate treasure, a three hour private session with the golden Amber.


Johnny’s mate has been kind enough to give access to his city pad while away, something that’s rarely granted, and it makes a perfect location to meet with you. We both arrive on time (9am), I park the car, and meet you in the foyer, before heading upstairs. You look great as always, that tidy little arse in those designer jeans, a tight little white singlet showing of your assets, and a hint of pink lingerie showing here and there, tempting me of the pleasures that lie ahead. Your blond hair and blue eyes shine in the sunlight.


My mates pad is pretty cool and I’m really impressed, its got everything we need, and tastefully done, yeah, I could easily move in. We find the coffee, throw on some great mood music that you’ve so thoughtfully brought along, and then we chat on the lounge together, catching up on the past few weeks. We begin to kiss, moving onto a heavier pashing session, increasing our sexual appetite.


You really caught me by surprise when you disappeared to the bathroom, quickly return in your lingerie. You fall at my feet and run your hands over me, kissing, touching and setting the tone for the morning’s romp. You begin to undress me, unbutton my shirt, and continue with the tease. You effortly slide my jeans to the floor, and about now I wish I had dressed with designer undies this morning! The curtains are open, and whilst we’re in private, it feels like the whole world can look inside and watch us frolicking on the lounge.


You know how to please this man, and the foreplay and teasing drives me wild. I’ve totally forgotten about the world outside, and am in seventh heaven right now. With ease, you take me by the hand and lead me to the bedroom, and we collapse on top of the bed for some great lovin’. We spend close to an hour having a great romp, trying various positions, finally ending Session 1 in a wild 69’er. I can’t get enough of your pussy Amber, and could easily skip breakfast and dine here all day!


We tidy up, shower, dress and head out to find a café for some well deserved breakfast 100m down the road, and we find a beaut café to kick back for a while. We order coffee, poached eggs and toast and chat and laugh over breakfast. With our energy levels restored, it’s back inside for some serious punting.


No sooner are we back to the apartment, and our clothes are back on the floor, and our second session is under way. My batteries aren’t yet fully restored, and you’re totally understanding, and stir me about my busy and eventful past week. This gives us time for cuddles, hugs and kisses, and just some great time fooling around together naked on the bed. You’re easy and great fun to be around and the time quickly rushes by.


No doubt you want the best for Johnnythefox, and with some perseverance you manage to bring out the best in me. The massage you gave this morning, was one of the best ever, very therapeutic, relaxing and totally sensual. Mr Wobbly rises to the occasion, and we enjoy another twenty minutes reviewing all our favourite positions together. We finish the session with a little oral and hand relief.


It’s back into the shower, and clothes on, and the dream session is over, it’s past 12 noon, and we both realize it’s time that we get going. With absolute pleasure, I get to take you for a quick ride across town. Before too long, we’ve reached your destination, a quick kiss on the cheeks and you’re on your way. Sweet memories will remain - until our next time.



Johnny the fox.


If you never never go, you’ll never never know


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