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Amore - 19/05/07 - Emily



Another Saturday without my regular, and I only found out on the same evening, so once again I found myself confronted with the question: "And now what?"




I had a plethora of possibilities in front of me. One option was going to the Boardroom and pay Phoenix a visit, whose photos I had seen earlier on; another option was going to La Petite Aroma but knowing that I'd be missing Arianne for just one night, and also knowing that I've been meaning to see Hayley at Chandalay, who wasn't scheduled for then either, made me abandon the whole North Shore enterprise and leave it for another day.


Another idea was dropping by Club 121 and see if I could have an intro with some of the new girls. I've been very curious about Natasha, a Polish girl of certain beauty and uneven reviews across different forums. I wondered, but the not very friendly memory of Barbie in Krakow flashed before my eyes and I left it for another day just in case.


Then there was Stiletto but I had been there only one week before; let's not make it a habit!


With all those alternatives behind me, I remembered Charlotte at Amore, quite an accommodating girl, so I called and I was told she was on. Half hour later I was at their lounge, was offered a drink and they brought the ladies to say hi to me. It was an extensive line-up but Charlotte wasn't coming… well, she did, wrapped in a towel and running to reception to extend the booking she was in… she did say hi though. So while I was tossing between blond Heidi and Polynesian Sapphire, both attractive, a last girl showed up; it was Emily. About her, the Amore website says: "Emily is a wild child! She has a beautiful tall, leggy and athletic body with sparkling blue eyes and amazing porcelain skin. This vivacious and energetic blonde will give you the time of your life, as she loves to experiment. Emily has some beautiful tattoos and piercings; her punkish style enhancing her natural beauty and her passionate service. Can you handle a spunky young lady with energy to spare? Emily is your girl!" and I'd say that's quite an accurate description.


I got a good vibe from her in a matter of seconds and I booked her for an hour.


For those of you who want more details, she has both nipples pierced on her C sized boobs and she's fully shaven down there. She'd made a good Goth if her hair was black because her skin is really pale. She sings (and very well), so if you ever had a fantasy about shagging a punk rock chick, Emily is your girl… and she promised me to molest me.




We went upstairs and after the usual inspection she left me to have a shower. When she came back she dimmed the lights and we started undressing each other (okay I only had a towel wrapped around me) and we went straight into DFK. Emily then pinned me down to the bed. This is a chick with lots of energy. After more pashing and touching, little AndyJ was in party mode and she put a condom on with her mouth. After a bit of Emily going solo, we decided to swap to a 69 and let me tell you that she's the ticklish type. The problem about 69 is that sometimes the angle doesn't help, so I offered to do the job right before we continued with the main event.


Once she was properly wet, we started with some missionary and I think we went through every possible position. Emily will drive you through all of them, except starfish! Now, this is a girl who likes it fast and hard; I can't say that's exactly my thing but by the same token, she's the only girl in ages who has managed to made me come with her jumping on top.


After round one we had a bit of pillow talk and we took the chance to get to know each other a bit. However, not too much later, little AndyJ was demanding our attention and I decided to have a go with a slide in between her buttcheeks, while we kept pashing. It didn't take me long to come again that way.


Emily said that she'd like to see me again and I'd happily do that. Another good talent at Amore.


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