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Donna @ Top on Tope. Released August 2009



Sometimes I like to plan my punts. I pick a venue and research the venue and the gals there. Sometimes I don't plan my punts. Today was one of those days; I was feeling spontaneous, carefree and at one with nature. Today I decided to follow that old grey wind that was blowing. It took me to Top on Tope.


stand up in a clear blue morning until you see

what can be alone in a cold day dawning

are you still free?

can you be?


Bromeo is hanging out with the bros out the front and rushes in to greet me. He rings the buzzer and tells me to take a seat for the show. For the uninitiated, the intros here are very quick. Blink or sneeze and you can miss at least 5 gals popping their heads in.


Bromeo announced the arrivals of the gals as they came to the reception desk. All Asian, all cute and all with sexy, slim bodies. As expected, hardly a boo from them and no chance to ask questions about services. None of the names were familiar to me and I didn't have a clue who to pick. Under normal circumstances I would walk out and go next door to MC. I've done that before but not today. Today was different. Today I wanted to roll the dice and chance my luck.


Nothing really separated the gals and in the end it was between number 1 and number 3. I just went eenie meenie meini mo and picked Donna: Asian, very cute face, dark haired, tallish and slim. I tell Bromeo of my decision who leads me to the room where we settle the financials.


Now, if you're looking for 5 star accommodation, this ain't the place. It's more like a self rated 3 star caravan park. I am so digging it. Once inside I try to hang my gear on the hooks on the wall. They're all crooked and everything just slides off. I quickly realise what the concrete floor is for. I smile and laugh to myself as I throw my clothes in the corner and take a splish splash.


Donna arrives as I am getting out of the shower. She hands me a towel and strips. I take a good look at her and like most of what I see: tall (about 5'8), size 6-8, A-B cups and natural.


I try to engage in some groovy banter but soon discover her vocabulary is limited to "Korea", "condom" and "sorry". God I luv this place. Donna appears apprehensive. I sense she is very new. Notwithstanding she's very polite as she motions me to the bed. There's something very endearing and very cute about her.


Onto the bed for what I assume will be a back massage. Wrong, wrong, wrong. She started the kissing - shoulders, ears, back, progressively working her way down. Nothing groovesational admittedly. At least she was trying and not, in my opinion, being mechanical. There was an increase in intensity by the time she reached my cheeks and thighs and I thought, just for a fleeting moment, woo hoo the ball play would start. Wrong again grooovypants, wrong.


Donna motions me to turn over for some frontal action on me. I have DATY in mind however and get her to lie on the bed. I start with her feet and thighs and work my way all around her groovelicious body. I concentrate on her inner thighs and surrounding regions as I close in. I am thinking DATY is a goer and yes, I am right . Good for me.


while you see a chance, take it

find romance, fake it


I'm working my tongue and lips on her pussy and clit. I'm sliding my moist finger across her lips. I'm rubbing her clit. She soon comes to life as her breathing becomes deeper and her body movements natural and more pronounced. I then insert a finger into her to complement the attention I am paying her. She's very, very moist and very, very at one with herself and nature.


With DATY over it's my turn to get jiggy. Donna starts with a BBBJ. There's no ball work and I've had better but hey, I am not complaining. She shows no sign of stopping and if communication wasn't an issue I would groovily suggest CIM. But communication was an issue and she was new. I respected that and let her go on until it was finally time to put the condom on.


We try cowgirl after some fumbling with the condom and some CBJ. It wasn't working and the groovatron was stalling. Donna regroovinates the little fella as I enter her nice tight pussy in missionary. It feels great and continue in this position to close out the session.


Nice gal but yeah, requires more experience. Glad I took the chance.



while you see a chance, take it

find romance


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