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Boardroom - 17/08/07 - Phoenix



Last night I went out with a couple of interstate visitors; actually just a Melbourne lad and a younger fellow from overseas.




After dinner we were contemplating the possibilities; live music was suggested but my ignorance as to where find the right stuff (we wouldn’t have agreed on the type anyway), had us all going to the Men’s Gallery instead. I thought it would’ve been fun introducing this young foreign friend to the local strip scene; particularly since he had never been to one of these places, not even in his home country.




Now, whom am I trying to fool here? The Men’s Gallery is always a very bad plan, because deep inside me (maybe not that deep actually) I know that it won’t end up there. I felt weird being there without Erebus, I mean, you actually have to pay to get into those places! LOL… and expensive it is, 25 dollars to get in and the girls don’t even get all her gear off, they are not that good-looking (shaggable certainly but not stunners), drinks are incredibly expensive, and tipping money is actually not that bad but an expense you could avoid if you wish. However, since we were in an entertaining mode we went though all that money-spending rampage.


After a while I was getting bored, and no way I would’ve have paid $90 for a private dance just to get me horny with not even a handjob as form of relief. So, that’s when I suggested to change venues and go to some real place. Problem was that I knew by then that our younger visitor, even while quite happy with my plans (it was such a novelty for him), he wouldn’t end up booking a prostitute. The other guy, well I wasn’t sure if he would; it was a maybe. So, just in case, I thought of a place where your friends can wait for you doing other than just locked in a little room. This was one of the very few times when a lounge set up presented itself as the perfect solution, and we drove to the Boardroom, which is a bit outside AndyJ’s natural habitat.


I’ve been there once specifically to see a girl I knew and I never posted a review because of her personal situation back then, but after a year or so things have changed and destiny gave me another crack at it. Before I get there I should tell you that when we arrived, none of the six girls working last night were available, so we had a 20 minute wait. But hey, it beats the Men’s Gallery, you don’t have to pay to get in, you can play pool, listen to some music and have some drinks too. Only a couple of punters were there but since my friends were quite happy with the pool table, I was happy too.


Apart from a couple of girls going into bookings and fixing drinks, finally one girl showed up for an intro; her name was Tasha and let me tell you that she got my full attention. She was going to be my choice but not long after I saw a very familiar face. It was Phoenix. Phoenix is the girl I saw over a year there, and in all honesty, that I saw many times before in a previous incarnation of hers at another place. It was just like bumping into a friend, and despite my long absence, we were happy to see each other. So, I left Tarsha for another time, whether that would eventuate or not. I booked Phoenix only for 45 minutes as I was a bit concerned my friends would get bored waiting for me (but they certainly didn’t; they ended up playing pool with Dahna)




Phoenix got me a drink and took me downstairs, which is an interesting variation from most places, where you generally go upstairs. I can’t remember the name of the room but it was certainly a very nice one; it had an inviting Spa that we didn’t use, and also it had great mirrors strategically located on the ceiling and next to the bed. I’d say that nicer than some of the Stiletto’s ones I’ve been in bar the minibar.




Phoenix description and photos can be seen here but the basics in case that link disappears one day are: Height 160 cm, dress size 10, bust size C, eyes blue, hair colour and length long red hair, intimate details Pheonix is shaved. Best features piercing blue eyes and flaming red hair. Personality very friendly and fun to be around. I’d say that’s all quite accurate yet by Phoenix’s own admission she has gained a couple of kilos and she’d be a size 12 today. However, most has gone to her bum, and that makes it perfectly round and very good to bounce on. Mind you, I’ve seen this girl before and she fluctuates very easily, so she may be back to a size 10 soon. Again, not that it matters really.


After the usual check-up and proceedings, Phoenix left me just for a minute to have a shower and was back before I finished. The rest of the session followed up in a very relaxed manner; after all we were friends catching up with so much in our lives to tell each other. We started with some kissing, and here’s where I should place a disclaimer: Kissing and DATY (as expressed in exactly those terms by forum-savvy Phoenix) were thrown in for free as a courtesy for “old times’ sake”; these days she charges extra for them, as it seems to be a common practice at The Boardroom. So, thank you Phoenix for the consideration (after all that’s very kind of her considering my year plus absence).


After some kissing, I went down on her and stayed there for a little while. I don’t think I took Phoenix to any special place but she seemed to have enjoyed it anyway. After a little more of miscellaneous foreplay, she put a condom on me and gave some very good oral. I do remember this girl having quite a knack for it. Sex followed in a few different positions and I obviously came while bouncing on her bum. Sex overall wasn’t wild but very relaxed, and that suited me perfectly fine since it was pretty late really (I was her last client for the night). Phoenix is very soft and very feminine; after a year or so I had forgotten that but it all came back again.


It was great catching up with this girl and it was certainly a thumbs up punt and a good night for all involved. As I said, my friends didn’t miss me at all, and even when they didn’t shag, they were happy playing pool with Dahna.


As for Phoenix, you won’t find her everyday there but if you call ahead they may be able to tell you when she’s in.


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