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Index of 2007 In Shag Miles!



This year I started by seeing my regular girl, Eva at Allure, whom I saw for a over a year, every second Saturday or so, until she decided to move on around July. I even considered given up punting around that time but it just didn't happen in the end. There are no reviews of Eva for 2007, since I met her and wrote her review in 2006. I also saw my Melbourne regular Rebecca at the Grosvenor, yet only once. I've been going less to Melbourne and she has found a day job, making it difficult to see each other the way we used to in previous years. She also remains unreviewed by me during 2007 (and she hates reviews anyway). A later attempt to catch up with her fell through in the last minute during one of my latest trips to Melbourne. Joining the club of AndyJ's unreviewed girls, there is also Taylor at Georgie's Place, with whom I had a fantastic time but I respect her wish to not be reviewed.


However, going back to the beginning of the year, the first of AndyJ's reviewed girls I saw in 2007 was Arianne at La Petite Aroma in Chatswood. I saw Arianne twice during the year actually; she's a fitness girl, being that one of my fetishes (maybe because I'm so far from being a fitness boy myself). While I never managed to get a proper kiss from Arianne, she was very generous in many other aspects, particularly during my unreviewed second visit. I meant to see Arianne other times but it's not that easy for me to organise a trip to Chatswood. Still pending though.


I then met the gorgeous Victoria at Stiletto in Camperdown. I've seen Victoria four times in total, yet only reviewed her three times, which is a lot by my standards since I generally review each girl once unless there is a change of circumstances. Blonde, Russian and with the cutest of accents, Victoria has a certain quality that makes you want to adopt her. I'm sure she's doing pretty well on her own and doesn't need me to adopt her but hey, I can only offer! Each visit has got better and you can also read my second review, and my third one, which is probably my best about her.


One of those expeditional punts followed in the North Shore when I met Christie at Victoria's Secrets in Chatswood, a parlour that I had never been to before (and have never returned to so far). As a matter of fact, I ended up here after failing to find Chandalay and Miss Hayley in it. I was looking for the place in Artarmon when it is actually in Roseville. In any case the encounter with Christie was a good one; an experienced and generous WL capable of providing some good GFE.


Charlotte at Amore in Newtown, was, in contrast, brand new to the industry when I saw her. I had a great time with Charlotte, a quite uninhibited girl, and as matter of fact I did return for her once but she was booked, and so I met Emily, more on her later.


My next punt would be one of those product of a night of drinking with Laga and Erebus. The latter and I decided to pay Stiletto a visit where I saw Marina. She was a nice German girl, not the best GFE provider but able to give me a good time. Based in New Zealand, she works as an escort over there and would come to Sydney from time to time. I've got the impression that repeat visits with Marina would get you more, but it just hasn't happened.


A trip to Melbourne and the sponsors discounts led me to Mia at Le Boudoir in Collingwood. Mia has a different physique from the girls I usually see; she's darker and a bit more robust than them. However; even when the time felt a bit too short she managed to get me over the line. A very generous WL too.


A different story in Collingwood was that of Naomi at The Grosvenor. This is clearly and by far, the worst punt I had in 2007 and a serious contender to AndyJ's worst punt of the decade. It wasn't entirely her fault though; I should've never picked her. What was I thinking?


The very same day was rescued by Claudia at Ladies For Gentlemen in Richmond. I had a great time with Claudia and the chemistry kept growing as the session went by. Another girl I wouldn't mind seeing again; only time will tell if that's still to happen.


During that same Melbourne trip I was extremely lucky to catch up with one true legend like Haley at The Main Course in West Melbourne. Haley gave me her trademark raunchy service and when I say that I was lucky, I really mean it because this the year when Haley retired from that job. Her legend will live on in the memory of many satisfied punters. Haley, we salute you!


Before coming back to Sydney, I had my second ever encounter with Amber at the Candy Club in Richmond. Even when not as raunchy as my unreviewed Melbourne booking with her as a private (Now available here!); it was a session with certain magic which I think I failed to describe with words. Later in the year, I would meet Amber in Sydney for a much more relaxed and raunchier adventure. Now, Amber, looking back at it, it was too early and I wasn't in top form... next time after 5pm, okay? :)


As I said before, I also saw Emily at Amore twice actually. This review belongs to the first and more satisfactory session. A wild child by nature, I had a very crazy and fun time with Emily. The second time did not live up to the standard set by the first one, so I thought there was no need for another review.


After a failed romance and the prospect of abandoning punting altogether, I actually couldn't help taking refuge in it by meeting Chelsea at Stiletto. Looking back at the review, you can really tell I was down, and maybe I didn't do Chelsea enough justice with the review. A beautiful tiny girl who did her best to cheer me up and I did the same for her since she had problems of her own to get through. I hope to see Chelsea again.


A few day after, I went back but I saw instead Jane at Stiletto. It wasn't a bad session; I was still pretty depressed and I guess that my encounter with Jane wasn't to be that memorable anyway. Just another shag really.


Not long after, destiny took me straight to Phoenix at The Boardroom in Artarmon. Now, Phoenix is a former regular of mine with whom the underlying friendship remains, but as for WL-punter moments they became more and more infrequent. I may see her in the future nonetheless, but I think every time we see each other, we have so much to talk about that the sexual aspect comes second.


Another trip to Melbourne allowed me to meet Jessica at Le Boudoir. A very sophisticated looking woman, who not only gave me a great time, but we discovered we had a passion in common, so that made the session a very easy one. At present, Jessica has left Le Boudoir and maybe the industry alltogether. Melbourne punters are desperately looking for her.


On that same trip I met the very special girl who is Sharna at Studio 54 in Preston. I think I discovered Sharna relatively late in comparison to other punters. I only could appreciate her uniqueness once I met her though. I would meet Sharna again later in Sydney and the review of that event was for Sharna's eyes only! Whether she retires, semi-retires or not; I'll definitely will catch up with her again.


Ready to fight my inner demons about a much missed regular, I returned to Allure in Annandale and saw Chelsea, whose reviews ironically took me to Allure originally, yet somehow I had never been with her in the end. The exorcism was somewhat successful but the time with Chelsea quite a good one.


Quite a unique experience was the one I had with Delfina in Santiago, an Argentinean promo girl making a few dollars in neighbouring Chile. Not only an extremely attractive girl, but also one who decided there was some mystical link between the two of us (and maybe she was right!). The session was meant to be for two hours only but it went for much longer than that. I will always remember her.


Much more of this world was another South American beauty, the very exotic Venezuelan Priscila at La Mansion also in Santiago, Chile. A good solid raunchy porn star experience was the one I had with her. I believe that since I saw her, Priscila has left La Mansion... but mind you there are many more like her over there in case you're planning a trip.


A brief stop in Uruguay, allowed me to meet Valeria and Yanina at Amigas in Montevideo. While not bad, that's very far from the best Uruguay has to offer in punting terms. If I happen to go again, I'll try to do my homework better.


Another trip, this one to Europe took me to Verona at K5 in Prague. A gorgeous Slovakian blonde. The experience was more expensive than what I expected but looking back at it, it was certainly worth it!


Not such a great time I had with redhead Bara at Sweet Paradise. Bara is part of a new generation of Czech WLs who asks for extra money for the most basic things. Quite a disappointment really.


Jana at Happy A Go-Go Bar in Bratislava, however, restored my faith in honest, hard working Central European working girls. The session wasn't to rave about but in contrast to the immediately previous one, it was damned good.


My farewell to Europe was in grand style when I visited Alicia, Jana, Martina & Vikka at FKK Artemis in Berlin. A great time had with most of those girls, but Vikka stood out from the rest because the chemistry between us was or certainly seemed real.


Back in Australia, a blitz trip to Melbourne allowed me to have a good time with Asia at The Boardroom in South Melbourne. A gorgeous young blonde who put another smile to my face.


During that same trip, I discovered Jacqueline at Le Boudoir. New to the industry, the session with Jacqueline was a very interesting experience. She is a Queen of tease! I look forward to other punters reporting on their experience with her now that some time has passed since she started.


Back in Sydney, it was time to discover new parlours which offered good value, and so I met Cindy at the Gateway Club in Leichhardt. Cindy is an attractive Asian girl and her service is good; I had a good time but the sexual chemistry just wasn't there between us. The Gateway Club, looks like a nice place that I'm willing to return.


A week after that, in search of a more fulfilling experience I went to the ever solid Allure and met Jenna. I had a very good time with her and I may see her again.


And my final punt for 2007 was with Danielle at Stiletto, an Emmanuelle Béart lookalike, and that fact alone allowed me to tick a fantasy off my list. I had a good time with Danielle, but should I be in a more demanding mood in terms of service, she's probably not the right girl to see in that case... and so 2008 is ahead and who knows what it brings for us. I hope you have enjoyed my stories across Australia and the world. Have a happy 2008!

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