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December 2010 - Westminster Secrets (Rhiannon) - Little Black Girl



Rhiannon is petite with silky, soft, honey-chocolate, skin. I'd say she's close to thirty with a beautiful face, generous, naturally-red lips and a full mouth of perfect, white teeth. She looked just like you'd expect a babe from the Caribbean to look. The moment I saw her, I was hoping she was a kisser. Her long, frizzy black hair was tied back with a scarf. Her breasts were small but pretty and she had dark puffy nipples. With a belly button decoration on a flat, black tummy she was an absolute visual treat. The type that would make you sit up and take notice if she walked passed in the street.


From the moment she met me at the door until she left me there an hour later she was an outstanding conversationist. She was very bubbly, good sense of humour and knowledgeable and interesting on many topics.


As I lay on the bed admiring her face she began to remove her bikini top and bottom. She then sat on top of me and slid her body up and down. I admit I was a little transfixed. I'm always on the look out for dark skinned girls and this one was a bloody beauty. Just kicking back and soaking in the experience, it seemed only seconds before she attended to flexi's desires. Unfortunately a rain coat was the order of the day, it turned out to be a solid effort though. She was strong on eye contact as those big, soft lips massaged flexi to within an inch of his life. Interestingly, she asked right up front how many SOG I'd like to go for.


After the CBJ, I lay on top of her diminutive frame and enjoyed kissing her neck and ears, her eyes and nose, her forehead and lips. Couldn't believe my luck. This girl was a kisser. Kissing her big, soft lips made me reminiscent of Che Che from Studio 54 earlier this year or even Ruby from Butterflys last year. In this case though, it wasn't full on DFK but they were nice full mouth kisses if a little fleeting. I'll definitely being seeing this girl again and hopefully this aspect will improve.


DATY was fun, she was very responsive as was rimming. It can't be the case but rimming seemed to be somewhat new to her. She seemed evasive initially but with a little biting and gnawing on those perfectly shaped buns she soon warmed to it as witnessed by the bubbly giggling and writhing.


Sex was in mish initially then into doggy to finish as she squeezed my nuts from underneath.


We must've had about 10 min left to discuss everything from footy to traditional recipes of Barbados (her home), from forums to sex change ops (neither of us have had one). Rhiannon is eloquent, pleasant, and talks with quite a posh sounding, British influenced, West Indian accent.


That's all folks!




PS Her feet are too ticklish for a tongue massage but it's a great way to bring on her infectious laughter.


PS At $145 for 45 min it's hard to complain about the price.


PS Rooms and facilities are pretty good, off-street parking with private and secure entry.


PS Being a stalwart and lifelong student of political correctness it reminds me of a conversation when an aboriginal guy once said to me over a beer in William Creek, "You whities a funny mob bro." I replied "How's that matey?" He said "When you born you pink, when you die you white. You usually a dirty creamy-brown but when you cold you turn blue, when you sick you turn yellow or grey, when you angry you turn red and when you hungover you turn green. And you cunts got the cheek to call us blackfellas coloured.


Source: Westminster Secrets - December 2010 - Rhiannon


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