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January 2011 - Private Escort (Antonia Amante (Nia)) - Breakfast of Champions



Nia was easy and professional to deal with. She was frank in answering my questions and the planning was a very straight forward and pleasant experience. The meeting was set for 10am which I think, was my earliest ever punt, a little like a late breakfast treat. In person she had a gentle nature, thoughtful, pleasant and was a good conversationalist.


Nia was petite and very slim, certainly not the shape I'd normally pick, being a lover of the curvy and well-endowed. However, for her particular genre, she was pleasing to the eye with attractive slightly puffy, caramel coloured nipples on her petit breasts. Her face was also very slim and she looked youthful with soft, clear skin. I thought her face was quite pretty and the other reviewer (iceman) was right, her sapphire eyes are incredibly bright.


After meeting right on time, we talked for about 10 minutes as we shared a drink and looked at the expansive view out of the window. During a natural pause in the conversation she said "Shall we adjourn to the other room." She got her gear off and hopped on to the bed while I was taking a little longer.


The session began with a spell of oral. After a while Nia removed her panties and on request shifted into sixty-nine position. Due to the attractiveness and tightness of her private parts, DATY was enjoyable although she was not overtly getting off on it. The taste and aroma were very slight but womanly and I found them very exciting. There’s nothing like the sight and musky scent of woman to get the blood hot. After a good bout of mutual oral, she turned around and laid on top of me to begin some genuine DFK. This consisted of some licking tongue play and she was not opposed to a little in return. The DFK was almost continuous for the remainder of the booking. We tried some CG during which time we both took turns at thrusting and occasionally we even got synched and thrust together. Then into mish with open legs moving to closed legs on request to complete the booking. Afterwards I dismounted, she offered me wet one to mop up the mess and store the used condom, then into the shower. A little more chat before we hugged and said our goodbyes.


All in all a great booking with a WL in a price bracket I'd normally not see. Nia is pretty and provided an enjoyable time in all aspects as long as you like your gals very slim.




Source: Private Escort - January 2011 – Antonia Amante (Nia)


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