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The Grosvenor - 21/03/08 - Annalise



I had my long weekend puntfest in Melbourne planned from a while ago; everything ready to go, my flight and hotel booked, my book-long "WLs to-do" list; everything. However, in that strange way that things work out sometimes, a special lady friend invited me to keep going to the Mornington Peninsula and to stay there for the weekend. Mind you, the decision took me like a whole full second and needless to say, I did enjoy every fraction of every second that I spent down the coast with her. Even the badly burnt bitter coffee they once served us couldn't spoil the sweet taste I had in my mouth nor wash the grin I had on my face!




So, punting was limited to the night before all that happened, and with my list narrowed down, it was a great evening to drop by the G. since Eve#1 from Adelaide, MaryJane and Crystal would all be there… And even when I had already decided to stay with Crystal aka Annalise, as she's been on my list since good old Bach posted a review of her, I thought it would be good to meet the other girls too.


A friend dropped me there and waited outside in case no-one was available, which spoiled the fun of asking annoying questions at the intros because I didn't want to keep him waiting too much. As things panned out, only Annalise was available from these girls, and knowing already that I wanted to shag her, I didn't put her through any painful questions… but I regret I wasted the perfect opportunity to have some serious fun for a little while. (I remind you that Annalise had no idea about who I was!)


After the intros, I made the booking and quickly ran to tell my friend he could go in peace and I went back in to arrange payment for one hour and for Annalise to guide me to room 8; the big one upstairs (btw, I noticed that the swing is gone!). As I was walking up the stairs following Annalise's lovely petite bum, I asked her where MaryJane was, just to clue her in about my FIA origin. I didn't want to tell her who I was until I wrote this review, but she kept asking before, during and after the shower, and keeping the mystery alive would have distracted us from what I went to do there in the first place, so right before we got into business I told her. Somehow she had ruled out AndyJ when she was trying to guess but when the truth was revealed she called downstairs to let the others know that AndyJ was in da house! :lol:




Looks wise, Annalise is not that far from what I had imagined except that she's even classier than my previous mental picture, particularly with the very elegant black dress she was wearing. For those who don't know her, she's blonde with gorgeous blue eyes (they really are!); slim with natural C-cups, she's probably in her twenties, nicely shaved where it matters with just a little bit of nubile-like grow that turned me on even more. All in all, one of those girls you'd be envied if you were to be seen out with her by your side.


Annalise does kiss only those she feels like kissing, so even more than usual YMMV. And this time I was among the lucky ones, and yes, we started the session by doing some serious pashing and she has some really nice soft lips for that too. After that, some teasing around, and a little bit of sliding Little AJ on her bum with a little bit of lube (another thing fully at her discretion), I gradually went down on her and that was damned good; not only she did enjoy that and paid me compliments for my technique, but she also got seriously wet and remained in that slippery state throughout the whole session. I did fall in love with her pussy, which kept me going back to it for more, no matter what else we were doing.


Annalise then decided to return the favour, and since "certain" reputation precedes me, she apologised in advance in case the covered blowjob she was about to perform wasn't on par with others without latex involved. I assured her that her fears were unfounded and they truly were as she has a great technique; so I seriously enjoyed that too while I kept playing with her wet private parts.


After I couldn't resist any longer, I asked Annalise to jump on top of Little AJ, which led to some great cowgirl action. Let me tell you that this is a girl full of energy and enthusiasm. Missionary followed which allowed for more pashing and after an unrushed while we changed to doggy where we enjoyed the action on the mirror. I don't know if the excitement of the encounter kept me going without an end in sight; so with my body getting a bit tired with all that workout and the temperature rising, I asked Annalise to finish me off by hand.


After the happy ending was finally achieved (very close to the hour) we remained chatting and exchanging gossip in bed, even after the buzzer went off. We then went downstairs where I had the privilege to briefly meet the lovely Erica (Eve#1) whom I hope to see with more time one day. MaryJane wasn't around by the time we went downstairs so I couldn't say hi to her (nor spank her for that matter). After a little chit chat, Annalise got me a taxi and we kissed goodbye. Another great moment at the G. If you like blondes, or hot babes in general, go and see this nymph. :)


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