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Mastige8 – xx/08/2009 – Sarina



Mastige8 – xx/08/2009 – Sarina

Review by oldandbald


I have been a regular to Romeo's Korean Massage shop in Petersham for the last 12 months or so. Thought I would try their opposition as a "benchmarking" exercise - i.e. to see whether I was getting a competitive service.


Anyhow I lobbed at the front door, rang the bell and waited for the buzzer to go, It did so quickly, but I did feel exposed waiting on the footpath (the front of the building is right on the edge of the footpath - no fence or front "yard").


I go up the stairs to the reception desk and the receptionist asks "Have you been here before?" My Honest answer: "No". So she goes through the services and prices.


Prices were $125/$165/$255 for 45/60/90 min. Services varied according to duration.


So she had me sit on one of the "introduction" couches. There were two of them separated by a curtain and this seems to be the only introduction area - so privacy may be compromised. Then the parade of girls began. I do not remember how many there were, most just came through the door and said "my name is .....". None showed a great deal of enthusiasm. After the intro was complete, I chose Sarina - (she had the biggest breasts). I went for the 90 minute option - as I understood the receptionist that included a spa.


The Lady:


Sarina curvier than the general run of ladies there, possibly a full size 10 with D or DD cups and about 5'7".


The Service:


I was led upstairs to the room. It was the biggest room I have seen in a massage shop with very high ceilings. The service began with Sarina washing me in the shower. I was then asked to lie down on a table in the shower area and was given a wet massage with some sort of salt. Different, but pleasant. Then another rinse and on to the massage table.


She then proceeded with the usual Korean massage: a firm, dry massage, followed by a massage with oil, then the hot towels and the firm massage. This was followed by an oily bodyslide on my back. Breasts on the back, nipples in the bum crack, that sort of thing. She then applied her breasts to the soles of my feet, and rubbed her nipples in the gap between the big toe and the others.


Then turnover time, and more bodysliding, but she always placed herself just out of reach. As I believe is normal for this place, Sarina then gave me a CBJ to a satisfactory conclusion. She then asked me to have a shower. I was initially surprised at this as there was still 20 min or so left, but when she came into the shower area, she said it was time for the milk massage. This consisted of tipping a little milk on me then rubbing it over me and so on. Then a shower where she washed me thoroughly.


I left feeling totally pampered but somehow unsatisfied. The service was proficient, Sarina was pleasant in a "professional" manner but the experience was lacking the "FUN" factor. Maybe I am getting old and fussy.


Return Visit? Probably, but would see a different lady.


As always: Individual results may vary.


Immediately after this experience I went to Romeo's for a "back to back" comparison - (and I had a discount voucher that was about to expire ...). I saw Helen - sorry, another unreviewed lady. She had the "fun" factor that Sarina seemed to be missing.


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