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Thai Massage Lindfield – xx/10/2009 – Nancy



Thai Massage Lindfield – xx/10/2009 – Nancy

Review by oldandbald


After my experience at the Butterfly Relaxation Centre at Gordon, I thought I would try some other Thai massage places to see if that experience was really Thai. So I tried the shop in Lindfield.


Shop Details:


Address: 390 Pacific Hwy Lindfield

Ph 9880 7000


The shop is at the northern end of the Lindfield shopping strip, just north of the Balfour St intersection. Front door entry is either side of Chan’s at Lindfield Chinese Restaurant. There is a rear door from the Chan's car park (up the stairs to the left). The back door is not much more discrete than the front. I climbed the stairs and rang the bell. The door was answered by a (presumably) Thai lady dressed in a purple robe. Inside the front door is what seems to be a reception desk (unused now) and a price list.




$60/$110/$170 for 30/60/90 min


The lady shows me to a room, introduces herself as Nancy and asks me to take a shower. The shower (apparently only one in the place) is probably the dodgiest I have seen in my punting career. Paint falling off the walls, the window frame is back to bare wood, bodged up plumbing. However, it works.


I return to the room and she has me lie face down on the table. The room is quite large - in a previous life it may have been a master bedroom - there was a massage table in the middle and a chair and table in one corner. The mirrors on the wall were bevel edged mirror tiles (made for some interesting reflections) and a couple of them had fallen off.


The Lady

Nancy, presumably Thai (given the nature of the shop - I won't dispute that)

Height: About 5'3" give or take

Probably size 10, her bum was curvy

A+ natural breasts


The Service:


The massage was soft and sensual (as I requested), oil was used and it was pleasant enough. As the massage progressed, Nancy began to brush her breasts against me. As things progressed the massage became more intimate. My arms were hanging over the edge of the massage table and Nancy rubbed both her hands down one of them and placed my hand against her leg. I took this as a hint that touching ws permitted. I was not mistaken.


Come turnover time, Nancy began by playing with the little bald guy while giving me a cheeky grin, then the rubbing of the breasts against the chest. Then began the handjob with her lying on top of me kissing and nuzzling my neck, while I was reaching around and groping her clit. Things progressed and as she worked on me, she was grinding herself against my fingers. I reached a satisfactory ending, but Nancy continued to work herself against my fingers until (seemingly) she was satisfied.


The Verdict: Surprisingly good - great fun at a good price. I will be back (in fact I have been back twice before I wrote this).


The downsides are that you don't get to choose the lady and the shower.


As always: Individual results may vary (as may your expectations or your measure of what is good)


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