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Back Seamed Stockings and Garter Belts

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Glamour photography and SPFX

Dita Butterflys


Had an intense week makeup wise this last week.... Work wise also- which I never complain about!


Had a mad day Friday- it was insanely busy! I did 11 bookings in total. I had to leave at 5:45pm as opposed to the 6:30pm usual finish time for day shift as you boys exhausted me!

I slept well that night!


Monday at Butterflys was also good. Not as busy- I did have to leave at five though for school- but still very fun! I got to enjoy a gentlemen from this site (who had a gorgeous american accent) and also got to enjoy some regulars (that always put a smile on my face!). All in all a nice way to go off to study.


Sunday at school was a little bit like kindergarten for adults I must admit- watching Pirates of the Caribbean - we are studying makeup for film. Having said that, I don't really recall anyone taking notes. I know I missed all the continuity points- eg a clock moving back and forward in time in each camera angle change.... Johnny Depp- well pirates in general- are too sexy to keep my mind on book work! To be honest, I was more thinking how hot it would be to be caught by a pirate, taken hostage, tied to a mast then to have my ye old under garments torn off with a mix of his teethe and swash buckling little knife he has in his boot! I know warped lol.


I am now off to do a glamour shoot tonight at a bar. Two or three female models and possible one male model. I am a mix of nervous and excited. I will be doing both hair and makeup so should be fun!


I am getting a bit crazy busy with makeup and hair! A urban fashion shoot on sat, a client makeup and hair sat morn, a lolita style shoot next week.... I am also possibly doing hair, makeup and costume design for a play! Loving it!


Oh and I am also doing more photos for you boys to enjoy! Some Burlesque/pin up style shots for here- but this time close up facial shots- not the dirty kind lol.... Then, hopefully, some more full body ones!


Until next time,


Dita xxx


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