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Amore - 16/08/08 - Kendall



I know I said I wouldn’t punt for a while but on Saturday I just woke up with the urge.




I thought it was time to give Amore a shot since their prices remain reasonable. I called to see who was on, and upon cross-checking with their website, it looked promising and among other girls, Kendall was there, whom I’ve been meaning to see for three years now.


I missed the bus that goes to Newtown just when I was arriving to the stop, so I decided to get a taxi and very soon and $18 poorer, I was ringing the bell at Amore. A receptionist who’s a bit of a cutie welcomed me and told me that two girls were available and three others in bookings for another half hour. Anyway, the first girl to say hi was Kendall; just a quick intro but going by her reviews, I couldn’t go wrong.


So I booked Kendall for 45 minutes and when the receptionist went to fetch her back, I could overhear a “yay!”… That’s the spirit! She fetched my Vodka Lemonade and off we went. She picked a room upstairs and she told me “After you”; of course I immediately complained, as I would miss on the typical view up the stairs. It was good actually because it helped us to continue the session in a very tongue in check manner all the way through.


Kendall, as Amore’s website describes her, is tall, leggy and toned. She has blue eyes, a size10 figure (a solid body, not the waif image I had in mind for some reason), B or C cups, long straight Auburn hair. She’s in her early twenties and has a very cheeky and natural personality.


After we got in the room she left me in the shower and went downstairs to get towels. Interesting dilemma when I finished, as I had to continue under the hot water to avoid the cold. She didn’t come much later with the towels but she jumped in the shower herself.


She took the opportunity to ask me if I had been there before and whom I had seen. I told her that I had seen Elise years ago but more recently, Emily and Charlotte. Now, the funny thing is that the mention of Charlotte and wild Emily, immediately made her wonder about what service I was after, looking at me as if I was Lucifer (but all in jest). I laughed and she asked me if I had something in mind to tell her then. I just told her that I was very easy going and easy to please. She asked me if I was planning to come twice, to which I replied I’d rather go for quality than for quantity. She was cool with that.




Before moving to the bed, and always in between jokes, we start kissing while I played with her boobs. She has very nice, smooth skin. Once in the bed, the kissing evolved into DFK. I went down on her and there I remained for a pretty long time. Kendall obviously liked it as she got very wet and I kept her on the verge of coming several times. However, when it was about to happen, my bloody mobile goes off. No way we could continue without pissing ourselves in laughter about my grandiloquent choice of ringtone. So, that killed Kendall’s eminent orgasm.


I jumped on top of and we kissed. That and some teasing made me horny as hell. She then asked me lay down on my back and let her do the work. She kissed all my body and when she discovered my nipples are ticklish, she had fun torturing me for a few seconds until she asked me for other non-ticklish parts. Well, no problems, she could kiss anywhere else with no problems.


Condom on and she proceeded to give me a very skilled CBJ. Hard to describe, but there’s no part of her mouth she doesn’t use. Very deep and energetic. She took me to the verge and then she mounted on top for some cowgirl action. It felt great and when I thought that she’d be tired, she said that I would make her come in that position and so I did. But I was still to come, so I flipped her around for some doggy and for a better view and reach of her butt. From that we easily moved to caterpillar and with a glimpse of the action reflected on the mirror, and me bouncing on her buttocks, I came and collapsed on top of her for quite a few seconds (I reckon that’s one of the great things about caterpillar).


As we still had time, she gave me a bit of a massage until she decided to look for other ticklish areas and found a couple. Hence the massage didn’t go for long but we had a nice relaxing chat for the few remaining minutes.


Anyway, a great time had at a decent price. Kendall seems like a girl that truly enjoys her job. I will probably see her again. However, I did manage to have a brief look at some of the girls who were booked when I arrived. There were some real cuties; Saturday afternoon, guys, a line-up to take notice of (including the cute receptionist too!) :)


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