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East Asian - XX/08/08 - Suki But not P2 Suki



After my reconnaissance at Velvet Peach I walked across the road to here where I'd been a couple of times before.


All 3 ladies were busy. I was told Suki would be free in about 10 minutes, Jennifer and another lady (Kitty I think but I can't be sure) would be about 40 minutes. Now I'd seen Suki (aka P2... P stands for Pussy btw) here before and she was pretty good last time so a repeat visit would have been worth 1 hour rather than my usual half for first timers and unknowns. I said Suki was fine and I was shown into a waiting room.


After about 5 minutes I realised that there was another guy in the room with me (there were a few screens about and a TV to watch). I thought.... this place must be pretty busy... I wonder who he is waiting for. Then an older Asian lady walked in, said sorry to me (don't know what for... maybe invading my privacy :) then muttered a few things to the other guy behind the screen. I caught the word outcall, so he must have been the driver. This place must be pretty busy. It does a lot of advertising on Cracker.


After another 5 minutes another young lady in a short black dress walked in. This was obviously Suki, but she was quite different to the Suki I'd seen before. :wacko: Some discussion followed and she was certain she was Suki. I asked the usual question (do you kiss) but from the reply I could tell it wasn't going to be DFK. I went for the half hour ($90). She was pretty, petite and fairly busty for an Asian. I was also running out of options.


Into the room and showered. As expected I only got the lip kiss then she moved down and was quite skillful in touching, stroking and kissing the tackle. Then she said "I suck.... you want condom or no condom". I said no condom please so she said "you tip me $20" WTF...... Don't you just hate having to enter negotiations in mid stream. :angry: I said OK use a condom, but she took this as a reason to haggle and offered me BB for $10....... I said no and did my best to look pissed off. So on with the bag and she started to suck. I then said "I lick you" and she said "Oh no sorry". I really must write down a list of questions to ask in the interview. This is worse than applying for a job sometimes.


She then rode me cowgirl which was very pleasant and I then turned her over for doggy. Tried fiddling with the date but that wasn't on the menu either. Finally came home in doggy but not the best experience although she was pretty hot to look at (especially in doggy):)


Showered at the end while she proceeded to get dressed and sit on the bed writing in a notebook. That's the second time I've noticed this here. Maybe the ladies at this place don't trust the management. I then did the inexplicable (because she seemed really nice despite what can only be described as a mediocre service) and gave her the $10 change. I did say "Don't ask for a tip in the middle... Not Good..." so I hope she got the message.


Since then I've found her description on Cracker.



19 yo "make in Taiwan"

Big DD firm breast

Petite size 6

Loves GFE & kinky action


Yes I established she was from Taiwan (the previous better Suki was Thai). Not sure what the GFE is, certainly not DFK or DATY. No idea what kinky action is either. Maybe I'm just unskilled in bringing out the best in a lady, who knows.


Strange that this place would put a new lady on with the same name as a recently previous one (assuming that the first Suki is no longer working). They must either love confusion or think that most guys don't notice the difference (Yeah these foreign devils think that all Asians look alike). I would love to see the first Suki again.


I'm sure I'll be back here in the future, a little bit wiser hopefully, but I'm not sure I'll be seeing the ring in Suki again, lovely as she was.


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