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The Main Course - 16/10/08 - May Pocket Rocket



Not my first experience of a Melbourne parlour so I wasn't expecting the chaos in reception. Don't know whether everyone decided to turn up at the same time as me or whether it's always like this. The open lounge for introductions can be a bit unnerving.


I was shown in to the lounge and ended up confused about who said what and what they did after the bombardment of intros. It's funny how different the introductions were, some not saying much apart from saying hello and waiting for questions and others rattling off the list of what they did and didn't do.


I hadn't looked at this forum before I went but May caught my eye as she had a great smile, I'm a sucker for Asians and most importantly she was a kisser. Went for 45 min for $170 ($120 for 30 and $220 for 60).


I've since read on here that she's both Thai and Vietnamese, but she told me she's from Laos.


Well she was great. Started slowly with plenty of kissing and then I must have spent 30 of the 45 minutes licking pussy which she seemed to enjoy. Eventually I had to tell her it was her turn so I had a quick CBJ and then she jumped on cowgirl to finish me off.


Interesting place. They had a list of girls on at the desk. Boom Boom caught my eye. Hope the service matches the name. :)


May is great and I would see her again.

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May is Viet, she is about 30 old. Her services are almost everything.

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