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Private (NSW) - 09/10/08 - Cameron Taylor



Oh beauty!… beauty presents itself in so many different forms, that no matter how you anticipate it, you're always surprised. I had read reviews about Cameron and they all talk about a beautiful girl - and being that such an enticing promise - dozens of imaginary beautiful faces were depicted in my mind during the days prior to our rendezvous.




It's one of those little simple things that make life so mysterious and exciting; everyone gets his or her own face, and not even "identical" twins get exactly the same. And while we know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is also beyond their eyes when the beholders are many and they all agree about it. Now the burning question was what kind of beauty? I had seen photos of Cameron's body, but going by the little info I had about Cameron's face, I spent a lot of time mentally re-arranging eyes, noses, mouths, ears, yet I couldn't stick to one version and the truth would only be revealed later on.


The funny part of all this is that probably Cameron was having puzzles of her own trying to put a face to the infamous AndyJ, as our meeting was very easily and conveniently arranged via PMs. I only hope that beauty wasn't part of her anticipation because I think that for one reason or another, I was somewhat far from the mental picture she had of me (I think I should change my avatar one of these days!). :)


But her beauty certainly was part of my puzzle, and when her flat's door opened at the agreed time, all the shifting versions of beauty I had envisaged vanished to give room to Cameron's much more stable form of it. Once again I found myself rejoiced by beauty in one of its purest forms, a beautiful girl as depicted by so many chiaroscuro masters in the past, and so many illustrious forum perverts in the present. Sparkling brown eyes, high cheekbones, tiny nose, inviting lips and honey blond straight hair. Her body is tallish and slim with generous enhanced breasts. But Cameron exudes youth and innocence and this is a big part of that beauty I've been mentioned repeatedly. Should she be the model of a classic Flemish artist, she would probably be painted next to a source of pure fresh water. Allegorically, the plan of meeting her for a shag kind of made me feel like some sort of dirty satyr who was about to piss in her clean pond, and needless to say I loved the idea! :D




With the physical notes out of the way, I'd like to say that Cameron was awaiting me in very nice lingerie. After the shower, she offered me to start with a lap dance; not something I had considered previously (despite most reviews mention it), but why not? After all, I think I'm a bit tired of my repetitious routine. So I sat in an armchair and let Cameron seduced me (as if she needed to try hard!).


Now, I'm not that experienced with lap dances but I think I broke the rules immediately by touching and kissing Cameron within the first five seconds of the dance. In the real world I would probably be having serious problems with bouncers because of it. A few seconds later, Cameron was losing her lingerie, and not much later I was taking her to bed.


After some tender DFK (and guys, now I fully understand why you all describe Cameron as a perfect girlfriend experience) I made my way down in between her legs to give her oral. I have to say that I really enjoyed that for its whole duration and it took me a fair bit of tongue and finger work to get Cameron over the line. Once she came I had to lick all the emanating juices as it would've been a shame if a drop of that sweet elixir was to be wasted.


More passionate kissing followed and then it was time for Cameron to go down on me. Now, at no other moment, was the idea of corrupted innocence so well conveyed. I imagine that some guys may expect eye contact when a beautiful gal like Cameron is giving them head, but there was no eye contact, which added to the idea of a shy girlfriend doing something extremely naughty. Other than a bit of performance that comes with the lap dance, this girl does not aim to emulate porn stars. No; instead she is sweet, a bit shy, and very naughty… or maybe that's what she thought I wanted her to be; and if she did, she got it 100% right. But back to her oral skills; they are very good and I think this is the first time in quite some time that a girl has given me more than what she received… well, I can't tell for sure but Little AJ hadn't received so much lip attention in a long time.


After that, I introduced Cameron to my trademark manoeuvre of sliding Little AJ on her butt cheeks, which apparently was a pleasant surprise for her… maybe that explains the fact that right after, she rewarded me with a bit more of oral on me (don't ask me why as Little AJ was already as hard as a rock, it just followed naturally from that but I am not one to complain!). :rolleyes:


Sex followed, and we started with Cameron jumping on top while I kissed her hard nipples. Missionary was right after and nothing better to get turned on by this girl's face. I felt compelled to kiss not only her soft lips, but her nose and her eyes too. However, I have to say that later I enjoyed doggy equally or even more and when I felt it was time to come; I asked Cameron to go flat on her tummy for some caterpillar finale.


After the exercise we shared some chocolates and some pillow talk until it was time to shower and kiss each other until the next time. Cameron knows that I lost sense of direction when I was leaving her flat (it hardly ever happens to me but put it down to the her elixir!)… what she doesn't know it's that I remained trapped in the lift like for five minutes pushing the wrong buttons. After seeing Cameron, it would help if the lift had a simple "Ground" button because any other abbreviation becomes hard to comprehend.


Oh beauty!

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Posted 10th December, 2008 - 04:21pm


I caught up with Cameron recently; no need for a new review but I have to say that she's looking gorgeous, and the rendezvous certainly lived up to the expectations of a second visit. Maybe because now she knows me a little better the session flew very naturally and lots of fun (and pleasure) was had. :)

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