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June 2011 - Candy Club (Suji) - Skillful and Pretty



The session began in a warm shower with Suji rubbing soap over my body. The areas of focus were a clear enough indication of what was to come. After a rinse off Suji gave a sample of her well advanced oral skills and I’m already wondering if a booking extension was in order. We dried off and she asked me to lie on the bed on my front. This brought back memories of the bad old days when a booking started off with 10 minutes of poor massage and I was too shy to say no. My fears were completely groundless on this occasion. She started licking my ears very, very gentle then my neck and down the my spine. I then enjoyed a most enthusiastic rimming. I think it would be fair to say the most thorough, invasive version I’ve ever experienced. It not only felt great physically but there was a psychological appeal as well.


“On your back” she said in her limited English. Next there were some nice kisses (but not DFK) followed by another session of her oral skills. As I’ve said before, all blow jobs are good, some are just better than others. This girl was almost as good, if not as good, as Yoyo. She had a specific technique I’d not had the pleasure of before. She carried out the blow job per se with just her mouth while both hands swept a arc along the penis and across the groin area. I don’t think I’ve described it well but it did feel great. She was full of eye contact as well. It was very tempting to just go with the flow and finish off at this time but there was still too long to go in the booking, to waste the opportunity. I explained to Suji that she should stop because I’d like to taste her pussy.


She seemed to enjoy DATY and she began making cute little groany sounds and judging by her wetness it must have been real enough. I then moved up so I could massage either side of her clit with my right hand. During this she groaned louder and writhed her hips. Her kisses became very intense and full of tongue. After she climaxed she seemed to become very sensitive and quickly pushed my hand away when I tried to touch her there again. I tried to repay the rimming but after a couple of little licks she said it was too ticklish (I think that’s what she said). On with the connie and into CG. She would lean back and bounce up and down then she would lean forward and I would thrust. We finished in CG with Suji leaning forward and giving some more nice but light kisses. As she remained on top the buzzer began so sound for quite some time, she must have been counting because immediately she pointed at it, it stopped. A party trick of Suji’s no doubt.


In summary, I had a thoroughly enjoyable booking with a pretty K-girl who gives a top blow job / rimming combo. I would be happy to recommend her and will definitely be back for seconds.


Source: Candy Club - June 2011 - Suji


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