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July 2009 - Studio 54 (Maryjane) - A Star Is Born



The Discovery

I was in contemplation of Maryjane's banner on the FIA web site for many weeks. It kept staring at me. The annoying words "Outcall Only" were standing between desire and fulfilment. [bummer!] One night as I was staring at the banner and reading some posts, I wrote a brief PM to Maryjane [What the hell] to enquire about that frustrating phrase. To my pleasant surprise Maryjane promptly replied to explain the Studio 54 connection. At that instant a visit to Studio 54 became inevitable.


The Place

Studio 54 was for me, just a little hard to get to, especially from the city anytime around peak hour. Its location is good though, quite private with undercover parking. Prices are good but surprisingly there was a charge for using EFTPOS. [Oh well, no biggy.] The receptionist, whose name escapes me, was friendly and helpful both on the phone and in person.


The Introduction

After we settled the finances, the receptionist went to collect her from the private area. I'm sure you all know the feeling of anticipation as you are about to meet a WL for the first time and all the associated feelings, questions and hopes. I had those feelings, big time. After observing so much of Maryjane on FIA with all those flattering reviews and her many posts, it felt like she was a celebrity or something.


Shortly the receptionist returned with Maryjane and those feelings and questions were immediately blown away. Maryjane was so young, so fresh, so gorgeous and so friendly. We went together upstairs making conversation as we went [she is really easy to talk with] and at the top of the stairs she took my cold hand in her warm one and gave me a tour of the rooms. I've read in other reviews about Maryjane doing this but it was special when it was my own tour. It's actually a very non-threatening way of getting to know a little about each other. I started to relax and Maryjane was already relaxed, she seems very self assured. The rooms of Studio 54 were huge and [even though size doesn't matter] impressive. The rooms were clean and smelled nice thanks to some incense burning in the showers and a scented candle burning on the receptionist's desk. We then went to Maryjane's room which was imbued with a serious sense of pleasure right down to the four post bed with tonnes of lace and a million scatter cushions and of course, Maryjane.


The Inspection

A health check must be standard at Studio 54 as the receptionist alerted me that Maryjane would be doing one. Just before doing it however, Maryjane gave me the first taste of the future with a lovely, lingering, very gentle kiss. [i can't believe it, this girl is so incredibly gorgeous and she just kissed me like that, right smack on the mouth.] The health check out of the way which actually turned out to be a rather exciting experience in its own right] Maryjane retired from the room while I freshened up in the huge, sparkling-clean double shower.


The Main Course

Maryjane returned to the room with a smile and a laugh and suggested I discard the towel [oh no, not my security blanket] and lay down on the bed. I obeyed of course [Maryjane can boss me round anytime]. She began to provocatively disrobe at the end of the bed. That girl knows how to move. I could sense my own moaning at the sight of her stripping. By the time she got to the bed I was already a happy chappie. MaRyJaNE started at the foot of the bed [and the foot of me] and meandered her way slowly and seductively up to my mouth and there she stayed for an extremely delightful, deep-kissing mini-marathon. A previous reviewer spoke of MaRyJaNE's extraordinary kissing prowess and I'm pleased to say IMHO, that reviewer would be right. Almost as wonderful as the kisses themselves was pulling back and looking at Maryjane's very lovely face with soft, clear, peaches and cream skin, lovely dark hazel eyes and sexy long, wavy, blonde hair which smelled so good. I burned that vision into my memory for future enjoyment.


During the kissing the situation morphed into a long spell of Flexi's wandering hands and tongue followed by a long session of Maryjane's wandering hands and tongue. I can't remember all the details of this part as it was impossible to concentrate - instead I was to surrender and enjoy while everything became a beautiful blur. The only couple of things I can recollect are Maryjane's awfully cute derriere which will be the object-of-desire for my next visit and her expert CBJ which was as deep as it gets. [OMG I need a glass of iced water.] After almost loosing my control a couple of times it was an incongruous relief when Maryjane moved in to CG position and the hair-prison thing came into play. Then we moved to mish and made a quick change from condom to femdom. The best bit was watching the lovely Maryjane place the femdom where it so snugly fitted. With mish, deep kissing and finally some very D, DFK to complete the main course, a euphoric feeling remained as we lay on the bed for a brief time to catch our breath. I think the buzzer had sounded at some stage but I really can't remember when it was.


The Finale

Off to the shower together. Some soaping, rubbing, rinsing, chatting, joking, laughing and some more gentle kisses finished a really special experience. MaRyJaNE lead me back down stairs [after we'd dressed of course] and with a few final words and a few final gentle kisses we [reluctantly on my part] parted.


Would I see Maryjane again? The answer is emphatic and obvious. A better question would how long can I hold out before a return visit. After only one meeting I now have a clearer view of what this lovely lady stands for:


Magnificent kisses

awesome face

raunchy personality

youthful loveliness

juicy lips

ample breasts

nice nether in need of nuzzling

exceptional skill


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