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Private (VIC) - 07/05/09 - Clare Belle (NSW Tour)



It's been over a year since Clare became a member of this forum. With charming ingenuity, this pretty young lady presented herself with pictures that caught every punter's attention and I wasn't an exception.




A year's time for someone as young as Clare, can certainly make a big difference and it's not that those pictures made her look young; she was much younger than what she is now, paradoxically only one year later. I guess I wasn't the only one conflicted between prudence and that hobbyist's interest typical of the male of the species: "Hmm, what would she be like?" "Would she be like shagging my teenage years' girlfriend? The one I never managed to shag because she was too young?"… Tempting but I kept the thought at bay, at least until I managed to meet Clare in the flesh later on… and being the flesh so weak and Clare so enticing, "what if?" became "when?"


In the meantime, Clare continued with her learning curve as a working girl, and it wasn't until she received a few reviews at the parlour that initiated her, that people started looking at her as such. Until then, she may have appeared as a WL wannabe… a bit like the young kid who wants to play with the older children. From the things she wrote, it was also difficult to work out how happy such a path would make her. A younger me would have probably done a lot to dissuade her from such an idea, but as I am now, older and cynical, I know that one could do much worse than buying your way out of the rat race, particularly if you're young, have a brain and manage to do it without hurting yourself and others.


In reality, by frequenting this forum Clare was simply studying her trade as a working girl. There aren't Universities for that, so this and Studio 54 would have to do instead. And after a year's time she graduated with honours as a private working girl. A role that has probably changed her outlook on many things related to her trade, including maybe the way she sees us punters, not part of a production line kind of work any longer. This belief made me much more comfortable to see her. In fact, I tried to be her first private client a few months ago but I guess it proved a bit too early, so the plan was postponed and surely ended up having a much better experience that the one I would have had back then.


So, after all said and done, when I found myself noticing that this girl's first tour was to include my city, I knew the time to meet and fornicate was finally upon us. The arrangement dealings were very easily made via SMS. My own availability happened to be a bit trickier than usual during the week but Clare was happy to accommodate me.




At the arranged date and time, I showed up at the CBD apartments Clare was staying at. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous and also very curious to see how this young lady behaved as a host during her first ever tour. Clare came to fetch me downstairs. She looked very nice, happy and confident; she even gave me a hug and a quick greeting kiss (something that many private girls don't do in hotel lobbies so they don't awake suspicions)… but bugger that, I was Clare's last booking in Sydney and she was leaving the following morning. Not much could have gone wrong and I certainly appreciated her welcome. Upstairs, she offered my a glass of wine and after I stepped out of the shower, Clare was waiting for me in a beautiful corset; right then and there I told her that such vision ought to be captured with my digital camera and shared with the rest of the world. But that would have to wait because we already were busy kissing each other. I have to compliment Clare's working ethic when it comes to this. I often read reviews about bookings with too much chat and not enough sex; well, I suspect that Clare's pro-active attitude is due to her parlour training, even when I also must say that she's not expecting a buzzer to go off at the end of the session. So I can only assume that she has picked the best habits of both worlds.


For the record, Clare is 19, has brown hair and hazel eyes, natural C cup breasts; she's around 175cm tall and probably a size 10 at the most. Her figure actually looks more womanly these days than the one I remember from her early photos.





Once in bed, and as soon as Clare got rid of her lingerie, the pashing continued. She just has the full but soft lips ideal for great GFE. By the way, none of us was too concerned about the whole CBD being able to see us shagging through the window. Some Japanese tourist may have a great souvenir of Sydney to take home with him. :)


My kissing then moved to Clare's boobs and nipples and kept going down South of the border for a long DATY session, which got Clare wet and in the mood of doing very naughty things. This became evident when she jumped on top of me for more DFK and teased Little AJ with her pelvis. I think that would have been enough to finish me off but she wanted to go down on me. However, before she managed to reach for a condom I convinced her that oral could wait a bit longer, as I am indeed really keen on multiple forms of foreplay, being Italian sliding (aka the Hotdog Manoeuvre) a favourite of mine. Now, Clare has the right buttocks for this sort of thing and managed to accommodate Little AJ quite comfortably while the kissing and cheeky smiles continued further North.





After that great tease, she continued with a nice and firm CBJ. I'm not very fond of condoms for oral and it's not something many Sydney privates worry about, but whatever she was doing, she was doing it right. I was aching for her to jump on top of me, which she soon after did, gently and slowly impaling herself. Some days have passed since the booking but I still remember the great sensation of her tight vagina engulfing my penis. It was one of the highlights of the evening. :)


After some cowgirl, we continued with some doggy, which allowed to move with more energy and as I saw Clare seemed to enjoy this position, I kept it going until I couldn't hold myself kneeling any longer. So, doggy was followed by caterpillar until the happy ending, and I'm sure Clare could tell that was my favourite position because happy ending was indeed. After a bit of a rest with us still relaxing and chatting in bed, I remembered it was time to take some pictures as planned and so we did.




Considering Clare's age and how little time she's been working as a private working girl, the experience certainly exceeded my expectations and I must thank her for the great time she shared with me. It would be good to see how her service evolves with further experience but if you're able to see her at this early stage, you won't regret it.

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