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Oldandbald's 2009 Back Catalogue

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Albany Massage – December 2009 – Wendy (one that didn't make the forums)



Albany Massage – December 2009 – Wendy (with assistance from Mina)

One that never made it onto the forums.


After a couple of days without a punt, I felt the need for another, so I decided to catch the train down the tracks to Albany. Nearly didn't get there as there was some stuff up of signals or such in the CBD. The train I was on stopped at Artarmon (one stop from St Leonards) and the guard told us about the delay and said "if you need a smoke, now's your chance". I was contemplating Plan B - one of the shops in Hampden Rd just across the road from the station (at least 4 to choose from). But then came the "all aboard", so I continued to St Leonards.


I have seen Wendy several times since I have been visiting this place. She has a nice (but not sensational) body and a distinctive face that really lights up when she smiles. Age - Indeterminate 30ish I would guess.


We go to one of the upstairs "rooms", disrobe and I lie on the table. The massage was very much towards the "sensual” end of the spectrum. And moved further that way. Just lots of light fingertip work, heavy breathing, hair being draped over me and her tongue in my ears. I was moving my hand up and down her legs, cupping her buttocks (cute they are), stroking her inner thigh and teasing her like she was teasing me.


Wendy offers me my choice of happy endings. I tell her to surprise me. Wendy applies her best efforts then attempts finish me with a tug, but my little friend is uncooperative. Wendy then summons forth assistance in the form of Mina. Mina arrives dressed in her little white uniform, and I eventually finish due to a little "self help", the tactile and visual stimulations of the two ladies.


Overall a great session. These two ladies take customer satisfaction very seriously.


This one was never posted on a forum, because I was having difficulty making is a meaningful review while remaining somewhere close to the boundaries of discretion – given the place was only approved as a Massage shop.

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