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The first time



Its funny, around this time last year I was steadfast in my decision not to ever engage the services of an escort. It wasn't a moral reflection of the industry, but rather a personal choice. As it happens I'm not the best looking guy out there and not that good with getting dates but in my mind at the time the idea of paying for sex when I struggled to get it in a relationship was one that I felt would just make me feel worse about myself than better. I never believed the conservative religious/mainstream ideas that escorts were abused/doing it out of desperation and, as I said, I never had any moral objections to the profession.


What I was misguided on though was over how the escorts viewed the clients. Was the client just a cash-bag to the girl? This view wasn't really helped by conversations I had with some with strippers outside of work who were quite up-front in telling me how they saw customers basically as walking cash bundles. In wasn't really until having a conversation with an escort I once met who told me it was very different from what I thought that I started to question my viewpoints. It really wasn't until discovering and subsequently powering through the first 3 seasons of "Secret Diary" that I really started to question this perception I had. After all, I've worked in retail before and whilst I certainly wouldn't socialize with (most of) my customers outside of work, it doesn't mean that you don't have favorite customers who you like serving and are happy to interact with within a professional sense, right?


But I digress, the decision to finally see an escort came at a rather stressful point in time. Now I was still being quite cautious at this stage. After all, my career will most likely involve public appearances at some point and a series of news scandals of politicians and famous American golfers was enough to make me paranoid enough to spend about 3 weeks looking through ads in the paper and, more importantly, checking online ads and websites. In the end it was a website-based escort that I settled on - websites just seem so much more trusting for me, after all, they provide much more detail, can be accessed anonymously and at least help narrow down the choices. After talking through e-mail with some very reassuring messages, I finally made the decision and booked my first ever time with an escort.


Now the very first escort a client sees really determines their entire view of the industry. A bad experience with an escort who portrays one or more of the negative stereotypical traits will not only turn the punter off ever seeing another girl, but also will unfairly distort their entire perception of the industry. Just like getting bad service from a single salesman will stop you from ever going back to the entire set of chain stores, so to a bad experience with an escort damages the reputation of the entire industry and reinforces the negative stereotypes that the media and the religious right just love to play on.


Happily, my research payed off and my first experience was enough to help completely change my old mindset. Now I'm not saying I don't realize there aren't some seedier aspects of the industry and some bad things that can happen in it. But really, doesn't every industry have those elements? Heck, I was probably put at more risk to my personal safety by working at a late-night fast food joint, and poor old cab drivers probably have it even worse!


Of course, the most limiting factor for me is the cost as well as not wanting to get too used to it, after all, I am still hopeful of meeting someone someday. But to tell the truth, with a bit of cash stashed away in case of an 'emergency', and a trusted couple of escorts I can call upon, the decision to hire an escort is one that I think I should have made a long time ago. Now that I can actually get sex when I need and it isn't this mystical thing out of my reach, its become so much easier to socialize, I don't get as wound up at parties or feel the need to try and chat up every girl I meet and the results mean I have such a more positive social experience as a result, to the point that many of my friends noticed the change (although the reasons for it will forever be a mystery to them!).


Its just sad that so many other people still have the view I once did, instead of seeing the positives that the industry really does have.


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Savannah Stone


I really enjoyed reading this S.J.T, great to hear about your positive experience and overall new positive outlook on life and the industry.

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Thank you :) I'll be posting a few more thoughts and musings. With all the media material out there about life as a W/L, I thought it was time someone did a report from the other side of the fence such as why someone decides to engage in W/L services, what they look for, what goes through their minds, such as the concerns I've faced, dilemmas etc.

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Kelly Raines


What a great concept..


Thank you for sharing your thoughts..




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