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Power plays



The struggle for power is a dominant force in everyday life. Its what encourages people to get jobs with more power and control over ones surroundings and co-workers, or encourages people to run for parliament and affect peoples lives for better or worse. It forms a fundamental part of capitalism, from the rich asserting fiscal power to the customer bending the salesman to their will for fear of losing the customer. When it comes to the world of punting, I feel that a good client and a good W/L should attempt to take power out of the equation completely.


The desire for the man to gain the power in the transaction is somewhat socially engrained into many men. The power over the woman to drop her prices or make her perform an act she wouldn't do otherwise is all-too-tempting for the men of, shall we say, lesser class, to try to wrangle the price down, only to be faced with an annoyed W/L who has heard it all before. The resulting refusal bruises the man's ego as he has "lost" his power to the lady and the lady is unimpressed by the clients lack of respect, a similar situation which occurs should the man try to get the girl to do an act she wouldn't.


And then there is the flip side. Keep in mind these are just thoughts and obviously each case is different, so don't flame me for these ideas, k? :P

On the flip side, I imagine some girls also invoke the power play. They charge higher-than-average prices for their looks or for 'special' services, knowing that they have the power through seduction, beauty or just knowledge that guys will do nearly anything to get laid when horny to charge what they want. Billie Piper talked about power in Secret Diary by making the client sit down whilst she stands and gets the money. Maybe its different in the UK but to me I would feel quite off-put by a power move like this, it almost would make me feel subservient to the girl.


In the case of the former, well in reality, the man, should he be able to control his sexual urges, has the power to decide to see a girl or not. Rather than try and invoke power by negotiation the price down (which will fail) he simply has the power to decide NOT to see that worker and opt for someone in his price range. On the second matter, if a girl were to make this sort of power play to me, I would doubtfully see her again. As an ex-salesman, I believe any financial transaction should be made with both parties standing up, on equal standing and level.


Personally, disregarding the decision for who should be on top, I think all forms and ideas of power should be out of the equation for a successful session and potential future business relationship between the girl and client. Both should be on equal grounds with each other like any other business relationship. As a gentleman, I would never try to negotiate price or ask for a service not offered, and in return I would expect the girl to treat me on equal grounds during the transaction and leave the power play until after my clothes are off and she's on top... Oops, TMI there, sorry everyone :P

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Totally agree with you. I'm not interested in power games at all.

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