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Chapter 3 - Ray gets a hot Strip show



My apologies if this review is one week late and Lauren's tour for this time has ended but there is always next time.


This is my third visit to Lauren. I must say Lauren like to "mix it up" and I am surprised each time.


Lauren greeted me in a another set of lingerie. We said our hello and Lauren asked me to sit on a chair and she proceeded to perform a strip for me. As she was dancing away and showing me sexy moves with her bubble ass, I said strip shows are a bummer as I don't get to touch and I always leave feeling "empty."


She said this strip was going to be different as I was going to get felt up and if I am lucky it could lead to a lot more.


I don't enjoy strips by WLs much as most of them are crap at it but Lauren was different. She really knows how to move even to the lousy music in the room.


The strip then led to the bed and Lauren split her legs and showed me all of her womanly beauty. What is a man to do with that? I might add that while not completely shaven, she is smooth there. Like most women, Lauren has her "sensitive days" and today was one. No matter, I was in the mood for a GFE anyway so it was gently gently. She still got there in the end, with the assistance of her trusted toy.


Everything else was just how I remembered it. The great BJ and the sex afterwards. It felt great to touch lips with Lauren at my moment of fulfillment. I don't think Lauren is into DFK but I have found she doesn't mind light kisses. I suppose it would also depend on your hygiene.


What I like about Lauren is that she is a very funny lady and she is down to earth. I have never felt uncomfortable with her, even from the first encounter.


I had wanted to see Lauren again before she left but work was mad last week. So episode 4 would have to wait till next trip. I wonder what is in store for me?




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