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Rub n Tug in Boronia around July 09

Cunning Linguist


Rub n Tug in Boronia around July 09


This was a reply in a thread started by someone else,


This sounds like the girl i went and saw once, must've been about 9 months ago. I remember it was warm weather at the time.


At that time it was in response to a gumtree ad and she went by the name Melodi.


When I'm with someone new and I get that 'I'm not sure' feeling, i normally like to go a half hour session just so I don't get caught somewhere too long if I'm not having a good time.


Well, talking to her on the phone, I requested the half hour and was told $150 for half an hour or $200 for one hour. After telling me how good she is at massage and doing the sell, it worked and I booked the hour.


Rocked up and had to wait ouside for about 5 to 10 minutes while she fixed up the insides. Kept talking through the window apologizing and saying she'd be just one minute.


I got that feeling that I should just leave, but for some reason stayed on the porch until she answered the door.


Eventually got in. She wasn't quite how she described herself. I'd built up quite an expectation so was a little disappointed at this stage. On to business.


We were both naked, and she took her time with the massage, and for me, that part of it was quite good and relaxing.


The FS part? Well, while I got to the end of it, I was more going through the motions and as I left, I couldn't help wishing I'd gone to some other place.


She's a nice enough girl, and I'm sure would float someone else's boat, but on this occassion, not mine. I tend to like a different kind of girl.


Oh, she did allow DATY with me too.


Note: This girl went by several names. Mostly Melody (Melodi), and Bronnie (Bron)


edit: fixed a typo


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