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Private (NSW) - 23/11/09 - Paris & Renee Claire



Due to the latest unfortunate saga of incidents that both Paris and Renee Claire had to endure, I thought it was only prudent to hold this review until now. Please bear in mind that it is a few weeks old.






Like the same Paris wrote somewhere else, the barter system is truly alive and well. Since my first series of photos I took of her, I have been offered exchange of services by a few WLs. I don’t see anything wrong with it even when my main reservation always remains being able to deliver good photos. Another reservation is that I generally spend days manipulating the photos with Photoshop (not so much a case of giving the girls a digital make-up but simply retouching the light, contrast, etc.)... So, paying may be just easier but I’m far from complaining, particularly because in other cases I have paid in addition to taking the photos.




Now, when Paris asked me to take pictures of Renee Claire on her behalf, I was ready to go there on a Monday evening to have some fun with no plans of retribution for my efforts (even when I know it never works that way with Paris).




My first impression of Renee was that of a lady with a great personality, very nice facial features and she is somewhat more rubenesque than the girls I generally see. And so, after chatting, we took her pictures and some of them may see the light depending on her future plans.




Soon the conversation gradually turned to filth. It was soon very clear that Paris was not the only one, as Renee proved to be even worse and you could see that the talk alone was arousing her. This has a certain strange effect on me, and after a short attempt at taking a few snaps of them together, the photos you see here and which were very difficult to capture as they would not pose for me but just get seriously busy with each other, I gave up taking photos and gradually I became involved in a ménage a trois.




It is very hard to remember the sequence of events during a threesome, so this is only an approximate recollection of the events.




Paris took the initiative by getting on her knees and giving me a blowjob while I kissed Renee. They swapped places soon after, and I have to say that Renee’s blowjob is like a Hoover in action; quite a grip her mouth has. One would take care of Little AJ and the other one of the twins.




Next thing I remember we were all naked in bed, and I felt like bouncing on Renee’s buttocks. She was, after all, new flesh and this was exciting, so much that soon I felt like coming and pulled out to come on her back. Paris got the remaining cum straight from the source. While I recovered they got in a very serious 69, full on lesbian action, no acting here.




As soon as I felt like joining back, I went behind Renee and positioned Little AJ so Paris could lick both things simultaneously. It was pretty good but the rubbing eventually got me a bit sore, and as I had finished pulling out, Renee squirted all over Paris, which took everyone by surprise, including Renee. After cleaning themselves a bit, I got ready and jumped on Paris for some proper intercourse, we tried different positions while Renee kept watching and masturbating herself.




Coming a second time was proving hard for some reason, but Paris being the insisting one she is, finally made me come in her mouth. The girls went to the spa to refresh themselves and I took a few more photos there. What can I say? Not my average punt; surely WJFlywheel made them work harder the following night as I remained pretty much within my vanilla preferences (hey, I didn’t even go down on them this time because they did a great job without my help). But it was fun and I’ll remember the session for a long time to come.


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