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Backing out of the scene



I haven't been on this website in quite some time, in truth there are a number of factors that have caused me to keep my distance from the escort scene.

As some of you may remember, I have political aspirations and am quite paranoid about the impact seeing W/Ls can have on any form of political career, from politician to policy drafter. The recent scandal with MP Craig Thompson was somewhat of a point of concern for me. Barring the ethical issues of his actions, the primary thing that entered my mind was how they actually discovered he had visited a brothel, and more to the point the fact that they could still track this. As someone that values my privacy and discretion, the ability for something like this to easily come back to haunt someone is quite disturbing.


Crossing my mind first was HOW it was discovered he visited a brothel. For starters, ignoring the fact that he was dumb enough to pay by credit card for this service, how did they trace his financial records close enough to notice this? More to the point, why was the bill receipt not a little more discreet? If the brothel was approached by the media, did they admit to his patronage? It alerted me that Australia still has so far to go in both accepting prostitution as a legitimate service as well as privacy laws protecting the W/L and, just as importantly, the client.


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I believe from what I recall in some news articles they covered this quite clearly; he used a tax payers funded expense credit card to pay for his visits and the visits took place while his wife was pregnant and having emotional issues(hence the much bigger moral outrage). I believe some financial investigation body when he was audited blew the whistle on it and then the press followed up, obviously the best thing and what should of been done regardless of if he was found out or not is pay for these services with your own money and not the tax payers....

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Sorry to be pedantic. It wasn't a taxpayer funded credit card - it was funded from the fees the Health Services Union charges its members. All this happened before he became a member of Parliament. As for how it was discovered, someone asked questions about some of the charges to the Union credit card. The brothel probably billed under a nondescript "nom de punt", to hide the true nature to a casual observer, but when there is an electronic record, nothing is hidden any more.


There is a thread on the forum with some links to the news items.


The interesting thing is that the total charges to the card are in excess of $100,000 but it is the $5,000 or so spent on escorts that always grabs the headlines ...

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