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Romeos Massage Petersham – 05/01/2010 - Sera



Romeos Massage Petersham – 05/01/2010 - Sera

Review by oldandbald


Shop details:

Romeo's Massage


108 New Canterbury Road Petersham


(02) 9569 5500



Another visit to Romeo's. The receptionist greets me by name (I am becoming far too well known here!!) and tells me "Your love Celina is on holiday." BUGGER. Celina had told me she was taking a holiday, but I had forgotten when she said it was. So I decided to take pot luck from the line-up.


Two ladies available: Sera (that's how they spell it) and a tall slim one whose name escapes me - she didn't even come fully through the door at the intro. I chose Sera for the hour.


The Lady:


Sera is Korean (goes without saying in this place!), would be about 5'4" without her heels, but they stayed on for the whole session (even in the shower). She would be a small size 8 with a slim waist, a lovely little bottom and firm natural breasts bordering on C cup. Long hair that she had trouble keeping tied up. Age: 20ish.


The Service:


Kicks off in the usual way, we shower together, Sera gives me a good scrub down. Then on to the table face down for the massage through the towel. Adequate would be the best description for it - I have had better (here and at other places), but I have also had worse. She does not seem to have the strength in her arms and hands to give a good deep massage. This is followed by the oil massage, again adequate. During these there is the occasional erotic touch and as she is working on my neck and shoulders, she presses herself against my head. However, during this - and the whole session for that matter, she is always asking "Are OK?" or "Are you too hot (or cold)?" and so on.


Then the hot towels came out of the little esky and were spread offer my back. At this stage, some of the ladies do the walking on the back thing. Sera didn't - just as well as she was still wearing her heels, but used her hands, elbows and knees to good effect. At times I find the walking on the back is too hard anyway. Then she uses the hot towels to rub the oil off.


At this point, she deviates from the usual script (or computer progam :)) and not necessarily in a good way. Normally the next in sequence is the application of the slippery lotion and the bodyslide on the back followed by the cat bath. Not this time. Sera asks me to turn over and places a towel across my stomach (and my little friend), then proceeds to massage my thighs, arms and hands.


After this she sparingly applies some of the lotion to my thighs, stomach and the important bits, and some to her breasts and stomach and begins a bodyslide on the front. This somewhat redeems the session. during this, she kisses my nipples, presents hers for me to kiss and suck on. I get to play with those breasts (and they are wonderful). She then performs an abbreviated cat bath, starting at my knees and moving up my inner thighs. There is some ball sucking, then she applied the rubber for the CBJ. Her technique here is good. Not a trace of toothiness, and she has positioned herself on the table to allow a little pussy play - which, of course, I indulge in.


She then mounts in a cowgirl style and proceeds with the tug behind her while I fondle her breasts and explore her body. Happy ending achieved, she cleans me up and says "I will have a shower now, you rest". After she has finished her shower, she invites me in and gives me another diligent scrub down. During the shower, the buzzer goes off.


The Verdict:


Very pretty, very attentive lady but let down by her technique. I missed out on the bodyslide to the back and the cat bath. Too much massage, not enough Fun bits. Always seemed a little detached. Cannot really recommend.


Now I know why I have been mainly seeing Celina. For the next few weeks, I may have to broaden my horizons.


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