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The Boardroom - August 2011 - Shivon (posted review)



I nearly didn’t see Shivon. I had booked another lady sight unseen based on her description from The Boardroom’s website prior to heading down there one July late afternoon.


But this lady’s introduction left me cold. All clinical explanations about the standard vs ‘deluxe’ service, no warmth or enquiries about what interested me. When I finally got around to gently probing what she was personally comfortable with, she seemed squeamish about a couple of things. And no, I didn’t ask for Greek! Then, to natural oral on her she said "well, maybe for an extra fifty...” Thanks, but no.


Now don’t interpret me as a shopping list punter, because I’m not. But I’ve learnt from bitter experience in the past and often in the heat of passion, it’s best to have sorted out likes and dislikes beforehand. Even just to get a sense of how a woman reacts to the suggestion of something. There can be a thrill at the exciting unknown of finding out while underway of course, but I was seeking some certainty with this punt.


Fortuitously on my way to the intro room, I’d had a brief but friendly exchange with a sultry exotic siren possessing killer legs and a warm smile. This lady, who introduced herself as Shivon, was much more mature, with an easy sexiness that ladies experienced with punters and their own sexuality seem to naturally exude.


So I was quick to ask her back to discuss a booking. Her responses couldn’t have been more different. Yes, she’s very comfortable to share a wide range of experiences and kinks. A very sexually confident woman.


A few minutes later I was standing in The Boardroom’s capacious lounge, sipping my complimentary soft drink and wondering why anyone would put a huge ornamental fish tank in a brothel, when Shivon descended their staircase looking even better than before. Maybe she’d just freshened up. She beckoned me to follow and we went upstairs for an hour.


Shivon is from Mauritius. An attractive woman in her late 30’s I’d guess with long dark hair. I later discovered she wears a wig, but her own hair underneath is much the same (what gives?). I asked her to toss it away during our encounters, which she happily did. She has a great busty, booty figure in her tight dress and lovely long legs. Her ancestry is Indian and Dutch, bestowing on her a lovely coffee coloured hue. She speaks natural fluent, though curiously accented English.


The rooms at this place are huge and well appointed. There’s spa baths, vast shower spaces with multiple heads, ensuite toilets, mirrors everywhere, fancy timber furniture and four poster king sized beds. Even a private changing alcove if you’re a bit shy. Interspersed between my visits to The Boardroom I had been trying out 39 Tope. Not in the same market I know, but still it was an amazing contrast and an indulgence every time I came here compared to the Asian only knock shop around the corner.


And so to business. Shivon is very relaxed and chatty. We talked about all manner of things. I sense she took her cues from me about how much conversation I was happy with and then we just sort of relaxed into it. She let me slowly undress her, whilst we talked and teased, admiring and exploring her length as I did so. Did I say she has great legs?


When finally naked, I was pretty sure her boobs were enhanced, sitting as they did like perfect immovable globes even as she lay on her back. Dark whorls of areolae are capped off with very long nipples which harden with gentle sucking. I played with these for a while, delighted when she happily obliged by leaning over me to tantalise my face and then the rest of me with her fulsome bosoms and exceptional nipples. All over, mmmm.


I’d already told Shivon I love giving oral above all else and it was her excited reaction to this which made me confident to choose to spend an hour in her company. She did not disappoint by holding back. She is a very uninhibited woman.


She couldn’t wait to present herself to my mouth, trapping my head between her legs and holding my arms firmly but playfully to ensure she was in charge. Clean shaven apart from a few small whiskers just above her slit, she teased me with her words and then finally opened herself to reveal a wet vulva like a hungry mouth, slowly bringing it tantalisingly closer to my own. Her sex appeared deliciously almost unnaturally pink, nestled within the dark skin between her parted thighs.


Shivon’s belly and bum are not super taut, lithe or model like. She’s a mature woman who I would say once totally naked relies more on her sexual charms, intelligence and knowledge of men’s desires to work her magic, rather than simply on a stunning body and face. Her smile and her eyes are lovely, especially when looking down at you over her boobs, into your face as you perform oral on her pussy. Lovely, and wicked. She really gets into it.


Of course, you can never be 100% certain if a lady’s enjoying your DATY. But her movements and accompanying words were giving me every encouragement. “Ohh yeah, keep going. I want to come in your mouth mmm... I’m gonna cum big baby. Stick that fucking tongue deep and fuck me with it.”


Dirty talk isn’t everyone’s thing. It’s a small slip from the sublime to the ridiculous. But I have to say Shivon’s utterances were music to my ears and were probably the most memorable and erotic part of the punt for me.


After a shuddering orgasm and a brief rest stroking and caressing each other, I suggested we bring my dick into the equation with some 69. Condom on, she reverse straddled my chest, giving me a great view of her magnificent booty.


I noticed for the first time that the room had a mirror on the ceiling. I had never really cared about such things before, thinking it rather crass. I’ve reassessed my opinion after this. It was wonderful to be able to look up whilst lying comfortably on my back, head propped by a pillow, dining on her silky pussy and luscious arse, to see her tressed dark locks bobbing above my groin.


The sharp contrast of her exotic dark coffee coloured skin against my own pale Melbourne winter hide looked remarkable. And the vision of her buttocks, wide apart, grinding over my face was highly arousing. It’s still highly arousing when I recall the image...


I don’t think we actually fucked in our first session. But we did everything else I wanted and more. Shivon genuinely delivered on the expectations and delicious anticipation her words had promised.


The shower together was another highlight, including a very erotic GS which she delighted in being able to give. Honestly she must have drunk 2L of water during our session and when the dam broke it really broke. It went on for long enough for her to simultaneously tell me a whole erotic pissing fantasy. Shivon’s previously worked in venues specialising in other than vanilla sex, so she was excited to be able to let herself go again, or so she told me.


I saw her three more times during August. The easy familiarity of a lady I’ve established some rapport with being a different experience from the excitement of the new each time. Different and nice.


In subsequent sessions there was indeed fucking; vocal, energetic and satisfying. Shivon on top is better methinks. Everyone clicks differently I suppose. She’s blindfolded me with her panties and teased me. Wherever my tongue wanted to roam on her body she happily and enthusiastically allowed it, all the while her exotic and soothing accent delivering a most erotic narrative about what I was doing with her.


I recall the CBJs as being fine, if a bit toothy on occasion. Her hands delivered the more sensual feeling to that part of me I believe. When she presses her boobs together, urging you on with her sluttish entreaties, her jutting nipples are like goalposts you can aim between. I think my effort would've been well out of bounds...

We massaged each other fully after the main event a couple of times. Not amazing, as we seemed to get distracted by chatting about whatever came into our minds. She kisses gently (no DFK, but I didn’t specifically try). She showed me a dental dam just to answer my curiosity, as I’d never seen one before. We laughed when I expressed my dislike for it. “I knew it, you would miss my taste too much, wouldn’t you hon?...” she teased, dark eyes flashing.


In summary, Shivon is a sexy, uninhibited mature lady, who’s very much focussed on her punter and is highly communicative in a session. With familiarity she only improves. If you have particular fantasies, she will indulge them heartily and I think the possibilities of her kinkiness would easily meet the desires of most; you just have to ask.


As I mentioned earlier, I was alternating visits at the Boardroom with Shivon and trying out the talent at 39Tope. There I had my choice of pretty young cute K girls, with whom I struggled to communicate the most basic of things, whereas with this more mature lady, especially after our first time, she just knew what to say and how to say it to enhance the experience.


Regarding the description/title of my review, ‘high mileage’ is meant to be a bit light hearted and indicate, yes, she’s not young. (Still younger than a lot of us though!) But once nude, you can see some signs that all women show when youth is past. However her experience, attitude and sexiness more than compensate.


Yes, The Boardroom’s ‘deluxe’ arrangements are frustrating. I agree with many reviewers here. Suffice to say that I hadn’t fully explored the Punter Planet before first going there. Now I understand there’s so many other options and arguably better value around. Unless of course you want a room for four with spa, shower head each and a bed big enough for all of you. If so, look no further than that place.


Source: The Boardroom - August 2011 - Shivon


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