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August 2009 - Pickwood Lodge (Amber-Rose) - A Dream Come True



Following an outbreak of outstanding reviews it seemed like a smart move to go to the next step with Amber-Rose or Amber as she is known.


A-Rose by any other name ..


An exchange of messages and understandings were reached on date, time, content and price. We were all set to rock-and-roll. I arrived at Pickwood Lodge a little early and unfortunately discovered that there was going to be a delay. Amber came over and introduced herself - a little cheek kiss - leading me to the inescapable conclusion she would be worth the wait. I paid the receptionist and headed out to kill an hour with a long walk along Lygon Street.


I got back to Pickwood Lodge at about 8:20 and watched some dodgy porno movies while some nice lady replenished my water bottle with iced water. A couple of ladies didn't realise I was waiting for someone and came over to intro - it's very difficult to get a word in edgeways until they've finished their spiel.


The time had arrived, Amber had arrived. Her black and silver mini mini-skirt, long shapely legs, breasts scarcely captive, lovely face and happy, youthful smile. I thought a swarm of butterflies had landed in my belly. As we walked upstairs I couldn't take my eyes off her perfect ass and that backless mini mini-skirt was magnetic. Inspection, shower, anticipation and then I realised I was surrounded by floor to ceiling mirrors including a large mirror on the ceiling above the bed which would provide a great multi-dimensional perspective of the things to come.


When Amber returned to the room I was laying on the bed on my back, she walked over and whipped away the towel then proceeded to get undressed. Not much to remove really but she removed the mini, which was really a dress, then her bra and the way her breasts danced as she removed the remaining items provided an outstanding visual. There she was, standing right in front of me, naked. So young, so lovely, naked, available. This wasn't only a physical experience there was some psychology going on as well. Amber explained she was happy to go along with what ever I wanted to do and then I asked if I'd like to start with a massage. It was pleasant to be sat on and rubbed by this lady with soft hands and massage oil. Periodically she would check "just let me know when you want to do something different". By the time Amber had massaged the length of my body we'd covered a few topics. She is interesting and engaging to talk with but it was time to move on.


We started with some gentle kissing, firstly with Amber above then with me above and in a position where I could move to her gorgeous breasts, good size, great shape, lovely nipples just the way I like them. I've been very lucky in this regard lately. Her breasts were very succulent. I hated to leave her nipples to return to her lips and I hated to leave her lips to return to her nipples, but it had to be done. A man's lot is not an easy one.


For a change of scenery, I positioned Amber across the bed with her feet just reaching the edge with her knees bent. It was then I learned that with a little licking of her toes it was possible to elicit the most delightful giggling, it was incredible, I couldn't get enough, so ticklish, such a sweet sound. Can't help but imaging that beautiful giggling as a ring tone sounding out on a peak hour train - the world would be a happier place. I must hear that laughter again. Time to move on again - still a lot of work to be done.


While we played the tickle and giggle game it was impossible not to notice the next item on the menu. I've read about Amber's pussy in reviews and it exceeds expectation. Completely shaven and very smooth, perfectly shaped and made especially for DATY. DATY with Amber was visually exciting as well as the more obvious pleasures. After a little time Amber began to respond. Could it get any better than this?


It was like I'd chosen the degustation and the courses kept on coming. After excellent DATY I asked Amber to flip on to her front. This girl has an ass of distinction, round, soft mounds of pleasure. I held her close, cheek-to-cheek until the need for exploration re-directed my behaviour. It may seem odd, all things considered, but the five or so minutes enjoying Amber in this way may have been the highlight of my night.


All appetisers were complete and thoroughly enjoyed. Amber said "It must be your turn now", yep main course was on the way. Happy to oblige, I rolled onto my back and Amber began a very sensual CBJ. The sight of this in the ceiling mirror was mind blowing. A couple of times I thought I was going to blow it but fortunately avoided doing so. Amber then slid up so her head was on my shoulder and with her pretty face and lips just centimetres away - I could feel her breathing on my cheek - deftly she played with by cock and balls as we kissed some more.


With a sudden burst of energy and a growing awareness that the time remaining was running low, and probably too abruptly as Amber looked a little stunned, I rolled on top and inserted. We finished in this position with a little more kissing.


Dessert was lying on top of Amber with my face buried in her neck feeling the intense heat being generated by her body, I felt contentment. Then we lay side-by-side, chatting while I fondled her breast until we'd squeezed all the remaining time from the clock.


A review should be balanced so I need to consider the negatives. As far as Amber is concerned there were none.


The only negative IMO is Pickwood Lodge's dodgy booking practise, that is, non-booking practise. It seems to be out of touch with the rest of the industry and certainly is a snub to the needs of its customers. There is some talk of a change in the wind but this change needs to happen soon. Also the receptionist cut our time short which Amber picked up and immediately rectified. It was an honest mistake as she'd called the wrong room but it could have caused disappointment if it had not been handled so responsively by Amber.


In summary, Amber was a delightful young woman with looks, personality, intelligence and sexual prowess in spades. She has confidence and conversational skills that contradict her 19 years. I found the more time I spent with her the more I wanted to spend. I also believe that subsequent encounters would only get better as each others nuances and idiosyncrasies were better understood. This experience to me was part GFE but mostly DCTE.


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