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Look out... The STORM has arrived



It may have taken me 19 years to finally be found but now that I have been... Look out, STORM is here and ready to create some havoc and mischief!

I am the other side to the better known and much loved "KATI" and I'm definitely not like her at all. Kati is the sensual, cuddling, kissing type (YUCK!) something which I am definitely not. I am much more spirited and free, often found tying Kati up so I can run wild and have a little fun (more like a lot!).

My makeup is fair more daring along with the clothing I wear. Unlike Kati and her very simple and girly schoolgirl and playboy outfits, I am always found wearing either my police outfit with fishnets, complete with handcuffs or a very warrior style, leather look outfit with finger less gloves. Simple makeup is not my thing either. I love the rough, sexy look, with thicker eyeliner and striking eyeshadows so much that in this way I am probably more of a "female" than Kati as I seem to spend ten times as long in the bathroom.

Spending time with me is also very different to Kati. If you like a girl who takes control and makes you prove how bad you want her, I'm your girl. If you enjoy being tortured and/or teased then that's another thing in my favor. I don't play nicely but if you can find a way, I may just surrender to your mercy.

All of your desires and interests can be taken care of by either of us and with a simple change of outfit or makeup, switching between the two is a breeze. Either Kati or Storm can be in control in the beginning but one move or desire can change that in an instant. Kati can become a very wild Storm if desired, or Storm can be calmed or scared in a way that brings the very calm, romantic or even kitten-like Kati to the surface. Our services are therefore are quite different and include/exclude certain 'extras'. Feel free to discuss these with either of us in a private message...

Dont do anything I wouldn't...



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Time to get a gallery started Korm, I mean Stati, or is it Koti, Starm..........oh, fuck it! laugh.gif Get some pics up, you! wink.gif

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