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Playhouse 280 Hornsby – 17/05/2010 - Amanda



Playhouse 280 Hornsby – 17/05/2010 - Amanda

Oldandbald revisits his local


I was sitting in my local pub having a beer or two and I realised I had to get some groceries so that I could have dinner this evening. So I wandered up towards the local Westfield, and for some reason, the urge to punt came over me. I did the mental coin toss and chose 280 Pacific Hwy over their opposition across the road at 187. I haven’t been to either of these places for almost two years.


The Place: (skip the next five paragraphs to get to the action)


The entry is just another numbered door in a row of shops. I am sure it is common knowledge that it is a brothel – it has been operating here under a number of different guises for a lot of years. I arrived there about 6:00 PM and the surrounding shops had closed, so the street was quiet. At the top of the stairs is the usual chunky steel security door. I ring the bell and a pleasant gentleman opens the door and shows me to a room. He then leaves to summon the lady.


It is obvious that this place was very elaborately and expensively fitted out at some time in the past. It used to operate as a Caucasian place in competition with the likes of Chandalay at Roseville and LPA at Chatswood. There are polished wooden floors, wood panelling and chandeliers. And that is just in the hallway. In the room, to the left of the door is the shower. Next to this is a washbasin/vanity in dark stained timber. To the right of the door is a spa. Against the opposite wall, under the bay window is a King size four poster bed. The overwhelming atmosphere is of dark, polished timber. The room is also relatively brightly lit by the chandelier.


However, age is starting to tell on the place. The paint is beginning to peel in places, the timber floor immediately outside the shower has seen too much water and is beginning to buckle and the bed is missing its cloth canopy. There are two small signs on the wall above the spa, one in a neat frame listing the services, the second a laminated inkjet printout of the prices stuck to the wall with Blu-tac. Sorry, but I cannot remember the exact content of the signs, the latter part of the session turned my brain to mush!


The price list is labelled “Pink Door Price List” – probably reflecting another chance of ownership and name of the place. Prices are 60 min FS $160, 60 min massage $120. There were also prices for 20, 30 and 45 mins FS and 30 and 45 min massage. The list of services was shower with lady, erotic massage, oral and sex.


Of course none of this fancy decor amounts to anything without a lady who, to put it bluntly, fucks and is good at it! Enter Amanda. It seems that there is still no choice of lady at this place (unless maybe if you book ahead).


The Lady:


Amanda. She says she was born in Korea, but her mother was Chinese. She would be about 5’7”, size 8, lovely legs and small A cups. Her hair is about shoulder blade length, attractive face and basic conversational English. Below, she is lightly trimmed.


The Session:


Let me begin by getting the bad stuff out of the way.


Performance of the listed services:

Shower with lady – No. Pity I quite enjoy that

Erotic massage - No. But not a problem. I have been known to forego the massage in “Massage” places.

Oral – Briefly during the application of the condom.

Sex – Yes. Oh my F#*king God, YES!!


She does not kiss. This may have something to do with the engagement ring she is wearing. This was the biggest shortcoming of the session. I did not try for DATY, so do not know it is would have been available.


I opt for the 60 minute FS session and pay the money ($170 due to the combination of notes in the wallet) and Amanda leaves briefly while I have my shower. She returns, disrobes and leads me over to the bed. We lie next to each other and hug. I quickly learn she does not kiss, so I move my attention to her breasts and nipples. She prefers her nipples to be sucked rather than licked. I am happy enough to comply. Her hand grasps and fondles my little friend. Meanwhile my left hand makes it way towards her clit. Then for the first time I can remember, she applies a condom to my middle finger (should this also be on the “bad” list?). However, I took that as a sure sign that digital penetration was available. I must have found the right spot as there were the unmistakable pulsations and contractions in her vagina, coupled with writhing of the body and noises of pleasure.


And so to the sex. Amanda skilfully applies the condom with her mouth. She then mounts in cowgirl and humps away. I try to match her rhythm from below. She is uttering words of pleasure and encouragement. There are more contractions and pulsations in her vagina. This is where my brain begins to turn to mush. She tires; we switch to a spooning position and resume the sex. During this she rolls onto her back and our legs entwine. Somehow, she flexes one of her legs to force me deeper inside her. Then we switch to missionary. She wraps her legs around me and grasps my butt, and we continue to her soundtrack of “Oh God, fuck me, fuck yeah, yes, yes” and so on. I reach the limits of my stamina, so need to take a short break to catch my breath. Amanda seems concerned and asks “are you OK?”. We cuddle, but still no kissing. We then resume in doggy, and Amanda eventually gets me over the line with a handjob. I cannot remember having better sex. Amanda has a huge smile on her face.


We shower separately again. While I am in the shower, she says “your change is near your clothes”. I dry off, get dressed and give her the change as a tip. She shows me out the exit door (at the opposite end of the building to the entrance.


The Verdict:


I think I have found a new benchmark for enthusiastic sex. Even writing this is making me breathe more heavily. However the lack of kissing and (even feigned) intimacy weigh against her. I may be getting too sentimental, but for me there is more to a great session than just great sex – although that is a good start.


Return visit? Sorely tempting, but I don’t think I would become a regular.


Never did return to this place after this punt. Not because of any particular shortcoming, but there were too many distractions elsewhere. Distractions that offered great sex with more convincing (albeit feigned) intimacy. Even though the other location was not as convenient for me.


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