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Lindfield Relaxation Massage – 01/05/2010 – May



Lindfield Relaxation Massage – 01/05/2010 – May

Fair massage, but good fun.


Shop details:

Lindfield Remedial and Relaxation Massage Centre

2/302 Pacific Hwy Lindfield

9880 7627

Hours 10 am to 6 pm 7 days


As you have probably gathered by now, I am a creature of habit. My habit of recent Saturdays has been a visit to this place as a warm up for the “main event” on Sunday. The last two Saturdays, I have seen May. Two weeks previously Yumiko (reception and occasional rubntugess) told me there was a new girl starting next week. This is largely a review of the second encounter with some reference to the first.


The new girl is May is small; barely 5 feet, a curvy size 6 with (as I was to find out) delightful B cups. She says she is Chinese (so much for the advertising saying Japanese and Korean!!) with wavy hair a little beyond shoulder length. Age: 20 something, but I am never good at estimating ages. Cute without being stunning. She is wearing a loose fitting zip up dress that I initially took to be denim, but was a lighter fabric.


So, I am face down on the table and the massage begins. Now if you want a proper firm massage May is probably not the one to see. Her small stature makes it difficult for her to apply much pressure. But then again I didn’t ask for a hard massage. The massage begins with her standing beside the table with her hip pressing against my arm (which is hanging over the side of the table). My hand began to caress her calf, knee and then began to move upwards. This was allowed (even encouraged) during our first encounter. She then gets onto the table and kneels alongside me (the tables here are wider than usual) and continues the massage. My hands continue to wander. She then straddles me and sits on my lower spine/pelvis and continues to massage my back. I can feel her warmth. My hands wander along her legs and thighs and fondle her buttocks (when they are within reach).


May then asks if I want some oil massage. I agree and she applies the oil, stands at the head of the table and begins to rub the oil over my back. Here the massage switches to play. While she is standing there, my hands caress her thighs and wander upwards to grasp her delightful little buttocks. She lets out a little “mmmmm”, presses herself against my head, leans over and caresses my buttocks. May then moves to the side of the table and caresses my inner thighs and other sensitive parts.


Time to turn over there is and some massage of my chest and legs followed, with some not entirely accidental brushing against my little friend. I knew from our first encounter that a tug was on offer. While this massage was happening, my hand again wandered to her buttocks (and other nearby regions). May begins fondling my little friend – the question of extras and additional cost wasn’t discussed, but the tug and a little more happened last time. I begin to fondle a breast. Then I unzip her dress to release her breasts – she is braless. This happened the first time as well. I fondle one and kiss the other. This time around May fully unzips her dress and removes it. She then continues with the gentle stroking of my cock. Things progress and I find myself with my left hand cupped over her right breast, her left nipple in my mouth, and right hand caressing her moistening womanhood through her panties and May carrying on with the tug, breathing heavily and sighing “Yes, oh yes, yessss”.


However, I failed to reach the happy ending. It appears I had distracted May from giving her full attention to the job “in hand”. It will be interesting to see how things progress with this one.


The price: $60 for the hour massage, usually $20 additional for the tug but I tipped extra for the extra curricular activity.


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