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Celeste @ Barabings. Released October 2011



Well my friends the time has come, to raise the roof and have some fun


Hey hey groovers. It's grouse to be back on the boards and reviewing but gee it’s been a while hasn’t it. It’s been so long I actually started to feel like one of those artists who bring out a ripper debut album only to slide into oblivion and never to be heard from again. And I gotta few of them in my vinyl collection let me tell ya


To cut a long story short it took a swig of Listerine – the purple one – to snap me out of the time warp I have been stuck in.  In a weird Pavlov’s dog kinda way my recent switch back to Listerine from Plax (and I dunno how I got onto the Plax in the first place) brought back my appetite and motivation to shake my groove thing and have some fun.



Prior to my visit I read the PP reviews of the groovy gals of Barabings. I check out the form, frame my own odds and even instal a favourite. Now all I had to do was get on down there to check out the fillies in the mounting yard and ride me home a winner. 


I rock up and Barabings is pretty busy. There were a couple of punters ahead of me so I figure there might be some late scratchings. Teesh tells me to hang five and chill for a lil bit. It’s all good and soon enough the parade starts with the gals strutting their stuff. I check them out and have a chit chat with Monica,  Natalie, and Celeste to see what’s on offer and pick up a vibe. In the end it doesn’t take me long to make up my mind. 


Teesh asks me for my selection and I tell her I wanna splash some cash on Celeste.


Celeste presented really well and had a genuinely friendly and groovy feel about her. That’s what got her over the line for me. Not to mention her red hair (colored), North American accent and the Alex Perry Specsaver styled frames on her glasses.



Up into the room we go and sort out out the menu. I am after an RnT with an oral happy ending and hand over the extra $20 to Celeste. All bets are now laid and we each prepare for the session.


Celeste pops back into the room and pops off her outfit. She stands at about a size 12 and has a couple of tatts. No fur to speak of and even at this stage I am a happy groover and pleased with my selection.


Onto the bed and Celeste starts with some back and body rubbing. Felt groovy as she continued and then started mixing it up with some handy finger work, caressing and body slides. Dunno what is was but this session was feeling sensual and almost GFE-like. Turn over for some full frontal action. The good times roll on with more rubbing, caressing and body slides. Yeah, I was really digging this gal.


My turn to pay some attention to Celeste with some groovy moves of my own and a DATY session. Thoroughly enjoyable and better than Listerine. Uhuh uhuh yeah.


We're into the straight for the last time now. Celeste commences the BJ as we make our run home. Her form was good and we held our line until I duly saluted.


Thanks for the times that you've given me, the memories are all in my mind


No protests with Celeste and the session. Had a very groovy time and would see her again. And to think she wasn't even the favourite when I framed the market. As always punters, YMMV.


In closing I'd like to thank all my groovy bros for their groovy reviews on the groovy gals of Barabings. Luv ya all heaps.


Stay groovy everyone and take it easy




Source: Barabings - October 2011 - Celeste


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