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Albany Massage - 20/06/2010 – Lisa & Amy



Albany Massage - 20/06/2010 – Lisa & Amy

Sequentially, not simultaneously


As is my habit on Sunday afternoons I called into Albany at about 6:00 pm. There was only one lady available – Lisa. The other three were busy. So Lisa led me into the downstairs “room” behind the front desk. Pity, I like the upstairs rooms, but anywhere is good with the fine ladies of Albany. Then followed one of my more interesting Albany experiences. It was two for (almost) the price of one.


So Lisa: She is tallish, about 5’8” or so, slim – maybe a small size 8 with A cups. She is not 21 anymore. I would guess her age at 30ish. She is a Japanese/Taiwanese mix (as she told me the following week). Her English is good enough for conversation. I have seen her several times before so we have gotten to know each other a little. The normal drill, we both disrobe, I lie face down on the table and Lisa begins the massage. It is well towards the soft sensual end of the massage spectrum – but I do not come to Albany for a serious massage. Unexpectedly early she asks me to turn over and we begin the build up to the happy ending. There are several different types of happy ending here – some involve an extra toll. Lisa knows my preference.


She delivers the happy ending with her usual quiet tender sensuality. She is a very sweet lady, and I do enjoy her company. However, today she seemed rushed. The happy ending happened about 30 minutes into the hour session. Then her mobile rang, she answered it, spoke briefly, then said “I have to go”.


Now this is most uncharacteristic of Albany. Customer satisfaction is always a priority there. My mind was trying to frame the “what the hell is going on?” question politely when Mina (reception/manager) arrived in the room and told me that Lisa had to leave to attend her own birthday party and said one of the other ladies would complete my massage. Lisa had dressed in her street clothes. So, considerate soul that I am, I gave her a hug and a kiss and wished her happy birthday. What else could I do?


Mina told me that Amy and a new lady (whose name, unfortunately, escapes me) were available. I have been a “guinea pig” for some of the new ladies but today I chose the tried and true Amy.


Amy: She is an inch or two shorter that Lisa, a little curvier (maybe a full size 8), but with magnificent D+ breasts. She is mainland Chinese. Her stomach shows signs of childbearing. A month or so previously she told me she had her 31st birthday. Amy is the lady I have seen here most often, so she is very familiar with my preferences.


She begins with a massage of my back. During my first couple of sessions with Amy, she gave me the best actual massage I have had at Albany. Today, it started out that way, but my hands wandered and caressed her inner thigh and grasped one of her buttocks. At this stage, her massage switched to the soft and sensual and I felt her ample bosom rubbing on my back. She leant over, nibbled my ear and asked if I wanted to try for another happy ending. Now at my age (early 50s), twice in an hour is unlikely to happen. However, I thought “what the hell, nothing to lose”. So I agreed to the attempt.


Amy applies all her usual enthusiasm and energy to coax the second happy ending, but as expected, my little friend is unable to perform twice. Certainly there was no lack of attention or effort by Amy. So, time up, Amy cleans me up, we dress and we have a farewell hug and kiss. I say two for the price of one (almost) because I did pay each lady the additional toll for my chosen happy ending (or the valiant attempt in the case of Amy). As I depart, Amy gives me a Mintie from the bowl of sweets on the front desk before I wander on my way.


And lest you think I harbour any ill will towards Lisa, I spent a very pleasant, uninterrupted hour with her the following Sunday. Again, there was the tender sensuality, and we had a bit of fun giggling at the noises coming through the curtain from the adjoining “room”.


This was my last review on the other forum - and thus the end of this blog.

Lisa went on a "holiday" shortly after. Amy stayed on (and I continued to see her wink.gif), but new management took over the place three months or so later. Then Amy departed. I moved on. Pity, a lot of fun was had here ....


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