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December 2011 - Naughty Times (TS Sheila) - Hawaiian Python



I've been enjoying a little resurgence with my favourite old shit hole, Naughty Times. Last time I was there I caught site of a gorgeous little TS honey named Nadia who I have vowed to visit. Unfortunately, despite assurances to the contrary, she wasn't on duty this day.


Two trannies intro'd. The first was Veronica, see previous review. She didn't recognize me and provided the same intro as last time, BBBJ, versatile and no extra charges. Next was Sheila who I selected for 30min.


Sheila was a tall, slim Hawaiian gal with virtually no breasts. She had an average size cut cock that pumped up quickly and stayed hard. Her skin was quite dusky and looked like a cross between a Mauri and a Malaysian. She wasn't stunning but not without a certain attraction. She could have been a bit more feminine.


Proceedings started with Sheila sitting on top of me and kissing my chest with attention to the nipples. Then she reached up for a kiss. Her lips were very soft indeed but she tasted very smoky. I quite like the taste but if you weren't into it, she tasted strong enough to be off putting. Then she produced the python of a tongue which reminded me of "Tamika the Tongue" of Butterflys. So we exchanged DFKs for a while.


It wasn't too long before the smokey taste was getting too much even for me, it was kind of bitter. I moved down to the other python. I think my style met with Sheila's approval. She'd let the pressure build then as things were getting close, she arch her back and withdraw just long enough to regain composure. This became a consistent pattern over the next 15 minutes. Even though Veronica was quite enjoyably I think Sheila was the most satisfying blow job I've done in a while. It became something of a challenge to see if I could break her concentration but she was good enough to resist my best efforts.


Mindful of the clock, I laid back and invited Sheila to take a turn, which she did. The blow job was superb. It was probably in the top 3 or 4 that I can bring to mind. Her mouth was warm and her suction just right. Nice long sucking strokes meant it wasn't long before I was ejaculating all over my belly. That was the only disappointing thing, the way she pulled back as I came. CIM clearly the most explosive orgasm by far and I would have preferred CBJ with CIM than natural BJ and withdraw at the critical moment.


In summary, Sheila was only average in looks but apart from the late withdrawal, was a fun and pleasant punt. Next up though will be sexy little TS Nadia.


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