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January 2010 - Ladies for Gentlemen (Mia) - Under the Radar




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This was the second attempt in a month to catch up with naughty Charlotte and it was the second time she had not shown up. She at least called in this time and made a recommendation to transfer the booking to Mia. I didn't know Mia except for recalling her name on the forums and she was certainly not on my radar however given that it was a direct recommendation, I decided to take the punt.


I arrived at LFG about 10 minutes early and was let in by a lady I hoped was Mia but nope it was the receptionist she took me into the office and there was a lady at the desk I hoped was Mia but nope she was the going off duty receptionist. Paid $140 for 30 minutes and the first receptionist took me to the red room.


Momentarily a lady entered the red room that I hoped was Mia and this time it was. We introduced ourselves, shook hands and she invited me follow her upstairs. I was starting to get a good feeling about this girl as I followed her cute posterior and shapely legs up the creaky stairs. Mia sat seductively on the end of the bed with her legs crossed and said "I'll leave you for about 5 minutes while you get refreshed". She stood up, leaned over and with a gentle kiss left me to shower.


After the shower I was looking out the window onto the ironically named Punt Road and recalled something about Princely and pigeons. I was going to get my phone out and take some photos of the room but at that instant, Mia came back. She walked over and we put our arms around each others waist while we chatted about something or other. I could feel her pushing a little pressure back against my growing pressure, as we kissed.


She invited me to join her on the bed. We lay down and I removed the towel while Mia sat on me. She leaned forward and started some passionate kissing. Her lips are extremely soft and moist. It wasn't DFK but it was great just the same. I never pressed for DFK on this visit but I'm confident it is on the menu, time will prove me right or wrong.


Amazingly, Mia could be a twin of Charlotte without too much imagination. With all due respect to prior descriptions of Mia I have to call it differently. She would be about 160cm, I'm thinking a size 10 dress size with C-cups. She has a small tattoo on left shoulder and the tiniest diamond nose-stud. Mia's face is very pretty and framed by a head of long very, dark hair and her lips are full without being big. Below she is also very pretty with a trimmed, natural bush. My best guess would be late twenties with a confident, fun-loving, live-and-let-live nature.


After the nice long pash, she moved downstairs and gave a firm, satisfying CBJ after administering the dom very proficiently by mouth. After some more gentle kisses around that area she jumped into CG. I must say, once a position I never cared for, I've learned to quite enjoy these days. We took turn-about with the thrusting all the while her long dark hair covered me as we kissed.


Mia asked if I liked doggy and I said yes but I prefer mish.


I don't know if it's just me but when a beautiful woman lies naked on her back, opens her legs and I cop sight of her yoni, I just have to have a taste. She seemed to being enjoying herself and I certainly was. She was very wet in the nicest possible way. Being a little conscious of the time and knowing it takes a while to get over the line lately, I left her dripping pussy and moved into mish.


It did take a while to get over the line but the experience was great. With my right arm under her left knee it generated an angle with good friction. Also there was good access to her lips. My left arm was under her neck and she did this very stimulating wet licking thing on my inner arm - the look of her smooching tongue doing that, holds a lot of promise.


There must've been more time left than I though as we seemed to have a lot of chat time. Turned out we knew many W/L in common from a few different parlours. I couldn't believe Mia has been at LFG for six years. I've been there many times and never met her even in an intro. She explained how her and Charlotte not only look alike and have very similar personalities but are very good friends and often discuss the idea of doing (twins) doubles. Hmm interesting!


We talked a fair bit about the forums and she knew of bits and pieces but it was second hand. She is computer literate and sounded very keen to join up but I've heard it all before.


The recommendation from Charlotte turned out to be a very good one. Mia's is a lovely girl and she provided an excellent service. I would definitely like to see her again in perhaps a little longer booking. The only problem is Charlotte or Mia (or both), nice problem.


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