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January 2010 - Studio 54 (Che Che) - Black Beauty



It was her first shift at Studio 54 and she was running an hour late. The receptionist was pissed. I was pissed. In fact I decide to leave. Drove out of the car park and spotted her getting out of a taxi, dark skin, loud hair, exotic, glamorous. Didn't need to think about it. Hard right back into the car park. Still another 20 minutes passed before the intro, WTF.


She walked into the little intro room. I think she was pissed off too. Probably just got chewed out for being so late. She said "Hi I'm xxxx". I said "George said you name was Che Che". She said "Oh shit, xxxx is my real name, not used to Che Che yet"...she was frazzled.


So was she worth the wait and was George's description fair? On the phone he said:


New girl, first shift


Very pretty face

Dress size 10 and curvy

28 years of age


All in all, probably a pretty good call by George. Personally I would have added a couple of years and a dress size but maybe I'm wrong. I'd also add:


Delightful, dark-chocolate, smooth, soft skin

Breast size probable large C-cup

Shaved downstairs

Very large (mouth) lips

Wild plaits of tightly curled hair pointing in all directions - I think it had some brown highlights - it was very sexy

Black and white, short, maid uniform

Little white apron

Plenty of legs and cleavage on display

Big, cheeky smile

Sense of humour

Shy and quietly spoken


With agreements in place I paid $110 for 30 minutes. Upstairs to the room for a most thorough health check and a shower. Fortunately we were in a room I'd never been in before.


Sex included plenty of kissing, licking and touching, 69, mish followed by massage, chatting and more kissing in what was a very generous 30 minutes. Maybe it was pay back by reception for the wait.


When Che Che kissed, it was with quite some passion. She'd make herself comfy lying along side or on top and wrapped her arms tightly around my neck and just stayed there locked together. Her very large lips were an amazingly different experience. Not better or worse but very different. The more we kissed the more her tongue came into play.


Che Che is not new to the industry but apparently comes and goes from it periodically, presumably as needs arise. She also works in another unrelated field but we didn't get to any details.


So for anyone wanting to visit a very pretty African girl with gorgeous dark skin, passionate kisses and a nice nature, Che Che is your girl. As she's new to Studio 54, her shifts aren't settled yet but I'm sure reception can help. Anyway, for my 2 bob's worth, it' a strong positive recommendation.


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