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Random acts of poetry



Little snippets of poetry (oh, alright, rhyming doggerel) occur to me at the oddest times. I generally keep these to myself - most people would consider me more than passing strange if I replied to them in rhyme, so I smile to myself and let the moment pass. Sometimes these thoughts are triggered by a comment or correspondence on PP, and rather than let these just fade away, I thought it might be fun to record them in a blog.

Well, if nothing else, it keeps me amused and off the streets.

Today, the delightful Taylor Alexander was my muse, with the folllowing result:


Tales of Tayls


Taylor, oh Taylor, how I'd wanted to nail 'er

Last November I got me the chance

The blonde pocket rocket, with the fully shaved socket

Was my target for an evening's romance


Well I had no qualms as she charmed and disarmed,

Over dinner and a bottle or two

But I gaped when my date wrapped me up in black tape

And proceeded to rape Wallaroo


Oh, alright...I was willing! My spunk it was spilling

And little Joey was one happy member

But submission's not my mission, and soon I was dishin'

A tongue lashing I hope she'll remember!


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Lol Wallaroo ......very good from the man with the SA country township name......much much better than my recent literary experiment smile.gif

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LOL. Pure Poetry :lol: Wallaroo...and did you cum too??

Yep, it's in the third stanza. "My spunk it was spilling..."


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