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A funny thing happened



Ok, thanks for all the feedback on my first blog entry, it's great to hear from all of you and I appreciate the thoughts


Since I made that entry I have had a session with the lovely Chelsea from BRE. Very wonderful girl and a great session. I won't review it as I've done that in the reviews but a funny thing happened the next few days and week after seeing her. I realized what was missing in my life, companionship, intimacy, just being able to talk to someone and be yourself. It had been over 12mths since I'd been with a WL and you know what? I crave human contact. Now for me this is big to say as I've lived by myself for ever and I tend to be very comfortable by myself. Yet I've got to the age that sex, while being fun and exciting is not what I crave. I crave a cuddle, a chat, a hot kiss (Chelsea is a great kisser), pillow talk just wanting someone there with me. Who would have believed it, I'm human after all!!!


Now I work in an industry that gets me in contact with 100's of people every day, so I'm not a hermit. But they are not going to hold you and chat to you and listen to you complain about work. So it seems that I'm in a bit of a bind now and I need help? I have got myself into a place where I prefer to be at home and HATE going out, not a party person and friends well not many of them. But I need to find someone to help me satisfy me. That sounded bad, I think it is time for me to settle down with the ONE!!!! I know what will be said, try online dating. Done it for years and years and years, not happening. No one seems to reply to me sad.gif Have even tried intro agencies, they are worse that online dating because they rip you off thousands of dollars for nothing, trust me I've been there.


So I come back to seeing WL, great in the very short term but not as a long term solution. Perhaps I need to speak to someone to help me? As I can feel the shyness starting to trap me and that can't be good. But having said that when I'm with someone that seems to go away, perhaps it's because when I'm with a WL I know what the outcome will be, no knock backs, positive feedback, even if it is part of the job. They all say, WL and people I know that they can't believe I'm shy but, it really is THAT bad and I can't talk to new people very well if I think there is an attraction there. In short, I HAVE NO GAME!!!!!


Ok that's enough this time, at least I had a great time with Chelsea and I've found out something important about my self. Wow imagine that, an 18 year old escort got me to realize things about myself that had been locked away for years. That was some session!!!!!!tongue.gif



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Hi Burtpies. Yes Chels is one very fine young WL indeed.!!<br><br>Nice to see she had such a powerfull effect upon you.!!<br><br>Thanks to share youre thoughts and not being afraid to shed some emmotion here on PP. That takes courage.!!<br><br>I also  try the dating scene on and off.!!  Thou I always miss the spice of life and sheer variety of opportunities that being a solo fisherman can<br><br>offer.!!<img src="http://forums.punterplanet.com/public/style_emoticons/default/rolleyes.gif" alt=":rolleyes:" class="bbc_emoticon">  What helps me is having such a full life, and a great work life balance.!! It has taken me some years to achieve this but I can honestly  admit<br><br>its been well worth it.!!.. .Just don't forget to have a laugh.!!  <br><br>WE LIVE IN ONE OF THE BEST COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD.!! AND OUR STUNNING WOMAN ARE JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG!!<br><br><br><br><br>

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