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Lady in a red dress



Well I did it.


I bought a young pretty girl a wedding dress. But wait, not the wedding dress, but a dress for her to wear as a guest at a wedding. She had talked about "the red dress" for a few outings, so when I texted her about it, she suddenly wanted to visit the Factory Outlet I may have mentioned. She was impressed that I even knew about the place. Tucked away out of the glare of most people.


She found a rather stylish dresh in purple, but, as luck would not have it, the only jolly dress at full rrp rather than the give away prices of $50 or less. She was pleased to have been, knowledge of such places seems to be indelibly etched into female brains, she was frustrated that public transport was limited. So we headed off to the magic retail wonderland of Chadstone.


We aimlessly wandered from shop to shop, shopping with a female is close to being waterboarded for most men. But, having two wives and two daughters, I am still reasonably patient. To the point that she even complimented me on being so undemanding and calm. We eventually found the retail shop of the Factory Outlet from the first part of the day.


An enthusiastic young tall salesman assisted her admirably. After a few minutes, she found what she wanted and armed with three colours of much the same style disappeared into the mirrored change rooms. The salesman even produced a hideously high pair of shoes for her try the dresses with. Well, did she look marvellous! Just beautiful! Initally braless, which was utterly delightful for both the saleman and myself, but as I remarked, not practical. I knew she may have been pleased to see me, but her nipples were poking out wonderfully! So on went the bra, and modesty returned.


The Teal dress got the eventual nod. She was confused by the compliment from the stick thin sales girl who complimented her legs as being beautifully "Toned". Language failed, but over a light luncheon, I explained.


Dropped her back at her English Language College and after a quick kiss on the lips, the customary peck on the cheek, a thankyou and good bye. Oh well, we will catch up again.


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Megan Delaney


Why didn't you buy her thepurple dress at the factory outlet ;) ?

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I have found that it is always better to let the woman choose her dress where she likes. After a mother, two wives and two daughters, buying a female anything is fraught with being delicate.



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