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  • AndyJ

    Beem It! New Discreet Method For Payments

    I'm quite pleased to announce a new discreet method of payment adopted by us to receive payments for subscriptions and classifieds.




    Beem It is a free app that allows you to send and receive payments up to AUD $200. What makes it good in our case is that all you need to send your payment is your order number and our Beam It username (that we have made it something completely different to Punter Planet) ;)


    In any case not even our username would show in your bank statements, as all you'll see is a record for a BeemIt.com.au transaction.


    To use Beem It you will need a Debit Card linked to an Australian bank account, no matter what bank.


    Of course, we keep our two other payment methods in addition to this one. So, now it's possible to pay for subscriptions and classifieds using:


    - Bank Transfer / Deposit

    - Credit / Debit Card

    - Beem It App

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    Tested it out with two ladies and a small amount. Enough for them to buy a drink at least or contribute to a nice bottle of wine or whisky.

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    The $10,000 limit is a regulatory limit due to organised crime and terrorism funding. There is an Australian Government agency that deals with this.

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    Aaliyah Dell'Aqua


    The limit has since been raised to $500 per transaction.

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