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    Punter Planet Welcomes Cuties Escorts As Advertisers

    We are very happy to welcome Cuties Escorts to Punter Planet.

    They are a brothel and escort service with two locations in NSW.


    Punter Planet Welcomes Cuties Escorts As Advertisers


    You can visit Cuties Escorts in Narellan and in Campbelltown.

    Please visit their profile to take a look at their cuties. ;)


    Brothel and escort service with two locations in NSW


    I hope that our Sydney punters pay them a visit soon.

    Please let us know how you go, and please welcome them!


    Visit Cuties Escorts Profile!

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    Welcome to PP as advertisers 'Cuties Escorts'

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    welcome cuties

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    I went to Cuties the other night as an experiment

    Hoped to find a gem on the mullock heap

    Staying in the area, had just had a wonderful session with my regular, so nothing to lose, could think with my head, not my dick


    Hidden in an industrial area, the receptionist was very nice

    Standard rate for Caucasian girls $250/hour


    Met the three girls on, and wow...


    They never got beyond the intro room doorway, let alone sat down, it was like a job interview in a leper colony

    Their voices, body language and facial expressions were eloquent: "I don't want you to book me, you fat ancient piece of scum"

    They were plain, overweight, dumb, bad skin, attitude to burn


    Then they asked for $150 extra for a standard 69 with CBJ!


    I wouldn't lick their pussies if they covered me with genuine gold doubloons from the Spanish Main

    (Hang on, maybe I could manage it...)


    Went back to the hotel, watched World Cup T20 cricket, said many prayers of gratitude for my regulars


    There must be some desperate, desperate guys out there to put up with these Queens of the Ash Heap

    Men of South-Western Sydney, hop in your cars, one hour away is the Promised Land - Liaisons, ATMC, Tiffany's, Stiletto's etc


    "He lifteth up the needy from the dunghill, To make them sit with princes, And inherit the throne of glory"

    1 Samuel 2:8



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