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    Punter Planet wishes you a Merry Christmas and a great 2024!

    It's that time of the year once again, and we wish a Merry Christmas and a very great new year full of happiness in whatever shape this takes.


    Beyond the madness taking place around the world, it hasn't been a bad year for us, reviews are up by over 7% in comparison to last year, overall topics 12% (bear in mind this includes reviews too), posts also over 7% (these are mainly replies). Blogs, up a whopping 95% (but we were coming from a very inactive long period in that respect) and the replies to blogs over a 50%. So, not too bad, and income, I should talk to my accountant to know that. ;)




    This year we have moved our directory to the "mothership" that is Invision Power Suite, so gone are the days of managing three different brands of software at once, different logins, etc. Since we've been offering free ads, the amount of them has gone up significantly as well. This not only allows any Venus Nymph to have an ad on PP (obviously, paid ads get much more visibility, hint, hint ;)) but it also caters to one of your favourite past-time guys, which is sorting the wheat from the chaff, metaphorically speaking... :D


    But jokes aside, Subscriptions are by far our main sustain these days, and even fund the directory to a large extent (which is fair because for years it was the other way around), so thank you very much to everyone who has bought a subscription.


    Of course, I need to thank reviewers above all, as without reviews I doubt we'd be here, advertisers, mods and members who help with the daily upkeep of topics on PP, and everyone who contributes in a positive manner to this source of punting info and general entertainment. :) 


    2024 will bring a few challenges, like a big software upgrade, which is always a bit nerve-wracking at first but then gradually we see the advantages, and the big challenge of keep swimming through the murky waters of a system that keeps making things more difficult for small businesses and individuals, particularly when it comes to something as un-PC as PP.


    Wherever you are, whoever you are with, I wish you a great festive season, even if - like me - you don't do anything special but it's a chance to taking it easy at the very least.


    Big thanks & Merry Christmas!



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    I must be the only punter who looked at the scenery, I figure the photo was taken from Oia Village, Santorini, Greece, maybe from Church of St George

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