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Hotel screening. Canberra, property 1.

This heritage hotel is full of style and charm. The room layout is excellent. Upgrading for a bath tub to be included, I later note it comfortably fits two people. Inside the shower, there is one flexible shower head. Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel are kept in full-size bottles that are firmly screwed to the wall, pun intended.   The dining room is well-appointed with ample space between unclothed tables, French doors open into a garden with more seating available. Some zones are

Ivanka Petrov

Ivanka Petrov in Venue screening examples

Dining notes, Sydney.

At the Chef’s table with my taste buds being entertained in the most spectacular manner. I close my eyes in almost a meditative state. To watch this kitchen is a privilege - I am reminded of a symphony orchestra experience. The venue is delightfully synchronised: the Maitre d’ess and the floor personnel, the bar and overall ambiance. I am a little detail inside of a large sophisticated clock polished inside and out, designed and crafted by a master.    Tick-tock.    Both A la

Ivanka Petrov

Ivanka Petrov in Venue screening examples

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