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a biography

Solidly, Charlie spreads himself The red wine bottle near It won't last for very long Despite quality or year   Face broad, toothy, smiles Both wickedly and kind Personal and work stress Seem all left behind   In truth, though, deeply suffers One child much loved but lost Takes banter, loudly proffers Small talk but at some cost   Generous neighbour, he assists In little chores, with friendliness Windows fixed, picks up, persists Calls any kindness generous   Prefers his girl



Ballet - Cinderella

Opening night of a new production of Cindarella, a ballet with music by Prokoviev. The lead up to the night was prominent in the papers, for those of us who take notice. I think I have seen previous productions, but this was promising to be a more soviet styled appearance.   The night was enjoyable, not raining, my companion looked very stylish and she was great company. The ballet opened with a fairly traditional russian style interior of a mystical large house. Cinderella (Aschenputtel = Ash



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