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'Cut' Vs. 'Uncut' - What we really think?

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Swingers Party in Sydney

In Sydney on Saturday 8th February? Take a look at this amazing event! Its for executive clientele only, held in a multi-million dollar mansion and has full discretion! I'll be there! Hope to see you... (through my masquerade mask that is:) http://www.sydneymasqueradeswingers.com.au   Best, Holly x



'Cut' Vs. 'Uncut' . . . What we really think?

Blog #2   (Definitions to support Article #2: "Cut" = Circumcised . . . . . . ."Uncut" = Uncircumcised )   Hi PP,   Thank you for reading my first Blog titled "What I love about being a Private Escort": A personal experience of the pros and cons of Private V's Agency work.   For my second Blog, I have decided to share another personal experience I had with a recent gentleman who was "uncut" as he called it and his anguish he felt about seeing an escort as such? He first contacted me and



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