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The devil makes work for idle hands

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Social Media

I love Twitter. It’s instant. I can express myself. I can expose my own stupidity, assist others and get assisted. I get admiration and a confidence boost. I know a lot of men and ladies enjoy my social media; even my family overseas occasionally read it (to make sure I’m not dead, apparently) but the boundaries must be defined and redefined.   Before iPhones had the ability to block numbers it would be frustrating to receive messages from men (punters) who were constant pests. There was nothi




Photography today is wonderful. Smart phones can produce wonderful photos and cameras costing thousands of dollars with the right lighting and use of processing can produce outstanding photos. All successful individuals or business in the sex industry have an online presence. Professional photos taken by an experienced photographer will make a person look the best version of herself. Amateur photos via a smartphone will produce good results but a more true to life version.   Now how does this



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